Emma Chamberlain Was a "Nervous Wreck" During Met Gala Encounter With This Fashion Icon

Can you guess which fashion icon caused Emma Chamberlain’s nerves to spike at the 2021 Met Gala? She told E! News all about the event and her new fashion campaign with PacSun.

By Tamantha Gunn Feb 23, 2022 9:47 PMTags
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Emma Chamberlain is a celebrity in her own right. However, there was a certain person who made the young star feel like a bundle of nerves when she was around them.
The YouTube personality exclusively revealed to E! News that she was extremely nervous meeting Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour at the 2021 Met Gala in September. "She is such an iconic person in the fashion industry and I wanted to make a good impression," the 20-year-old influencer shared. "Unfortunately, I was a nervous wreck while talking to her and she definitely could tell. It's OK though."
While meeting Anna was surely a highlight for Emma, one of the biggest "pinch me" moments of her career was hosting the first pop-up event for her coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, which originally launched in 2019. "Seeing so many supporters of myself and my brand in one place was so incredible," she said. "I was so humbled and grateful that day."

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Aside from her flourishing coffee business, Emma has a lot to be grateful for, including becoming the face of PacSun's Spring/Summer 2022 campaign. Emma, who stars in the ad as her own personal avatar, told E! News that the new campaign was inspired by "looking towards the future and a way to escape." 
"It was filmed in Bora Bora, such a beautiful and incredible place, so it really takes consumers on a journey," Emma added. "There were also a number of digital components including a VR experience that I star in as my own personal avatar. VR and AR are the future of fashion, and it opens a new world of possibilities outside of the physical realm and pushes the limits." 

The new role came full circle for Emma because PacSun was one of her favorite stores to shop in when she was younger. "I grew up on shopping at PacSun all the time, so it brings a sense of nostalgia for me," she told E! News. "The avatar concept was very cool but foreign to me. I'm a bit late to new technological advances so it was very exciting to dive into VR with this project, literally and figuratively."
And though she has been on a break from her YouTube page since Dec. 14, there are clearly a lot of projects keeping her busy in 2022.
So far this year, she said, "I've learned that I love being busy. When I have too much free time, I can fall into a bad headspace. I'm figuring out how to strike a balance in my schedule that makes me feel productive, without feeling overwhelmed."