TikTok Star Tinx Has the Best Reaction to a Question About Those Diplo Rumors

By Allison Crist Feb 23, 2022 9:00 PMTags

If there's one thing Tinx loves to do, it's overshare. 

However, the TikTok superstar—whose full name is Christina Najjar—was relatively coy during E! News' Daily Pop on Feb. 23 after host Justin Sylvester and guest emcee Kristin Cavallari brought up "that one rumor" about her.

"I have an idea of that one," a grinning Tinx admitted despite the pair not mentioning any names.  

They were, of course, talking about Diplo, who's not only been spotted hanging out with Tinx in the past, but was once labeled her "boyfriend" on the jumbotron at a Dec. 2021 Las Vegas Raiders game. 

Whether the literal public display of affection rang true or was just in good fun is still hard to tell, but Tinx did admit on Daily Pop that Diplo's "a very handsome man." 

The confession came before Justin made his own scandalous admission about the "Lean On" producer, which may or may not have left Tinx speechless. "My mom is watching this!" she said. "I cannot smile or frown." 

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Tinx's followers shouldn't be worried that she's losing her candor, though, because while she does want to keep her dating life "a little bit more private," she admittedly still "overshares pretty much every day."

Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

"I'm keeping it a little more behind the curtain but, you know, I love my followers," Tinx added. "I like to share with them!"

Tinx's fans will soon be able to share with her, too. As she revealed on Daily Pop, "I'm doing a podcast where I will be dishing out a lot of dating advice."

Not only that, but Tinx is also getting a radio show where listeners can call in live. 

"Ask me about your quandaries and problems," Tinx said, "and we can sort through them together."

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If you're wondering if she's qualified for the gig, hear her break down her famous "box theory" in the above Daily Pop interview. Plus, see what she thinks of celeb pairings like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson!

Tinx's new podcast, It's Me, Tinx, is now available on SiriusXM's Stitcher.