Lizzo Hints at New Romance While Admitting She's "a Little Bit” in Love

Lizzo may be feeling good as hell about her new love interest, but she’s not saying all that much about the romance.

By Tamantha Gunn Feb 23, 2022 8:22 PMTags
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She may be 100 percent that bitch, but Lizzo is only sharing, like, 10 percent about her love life.
During a recent conversation with Variety, published Feb. 23, the "Cuz I Love You" singer revealed details about her forthcoming project, which she says will be a "love album."
When asked if that meant the upcoming album will be about falling in love, Lizzo replied, "Ooooh. You're going to have to wait and see." As for if she was actually in love, the Hustlers actress said, "I'm just going to say—a little bit."
Lizzo quickly changed the conversation back to her new reality show, Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, insisting, "I ain't talking about this. We're talking about Big Grrrls and how we're changing the world, goddamnit."
While Lizzo didn't share any additional details about her new romance, one can only hope that things between her and Chris Evans went beyond flirting on social media. In April 2021, the Grammy award-winning singer slid into the Avengers: Endgame actor's DMs after having a few drinks.

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In a TikTok video, Lizzo later revealed the contents of the message, which consisted of three emojis—the wind blowing emoji, a woman playing basketball and one of a basketball. Although she didn't explain why she chose that sequence of emojis, many believe that was the 33-year-old singer seemingly shooting her shot.


Chris caught wind of the "Juice" singer's free throws and replied with his own set of emojis, writing, "No shame in a drunk DM [face-throwing-a-kiss emoji] god knows I've done worse on this app lol [facepalm emoji]."