Alleged Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Is Working on a Dating Show

A source confirmed to E! News that alleged Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev has a new project up his sleeve and is now working on a dating show.

By Kelly Gilmore Feb 18, 2022 12:16 AMTags

From Swindler to reality star?

A source tells E! News that the alleged Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev, is working on a dating show after being banned from the dating app Tinder.

While details on what the dating show will entail are not yet known, E! News can also confirm that Simon has signed with manager Gina Rodriguez, who has served as an executive producer on Mama June: From Hot to Not.

Just hours ago, Gina's verified Instagram account reposted a TMZ video on her Story, teasing Simon's plans to "sell" his cameos for "$300," "write a book," "star in a dating show" and "host a dating podcast."

Simon's move to work on his own show comes after the groundbreaking Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler was released on Feb. 2. In the explosive film, Cecilie Schrøder Fjellhøy and Pernilla Sjoholm accused Simon of taking thousands of dollars from them after first meeting on a dating app. (He has not been charged with any crimes connected to his alleged relationship with Cecilie or Pernilla.)

In the documentary, women accused Simon of posing as the son of an Israeli diamond magnate named Levi Leviev. After taking his alleged victims on lavish dates, he would then allegedly paint a picture of the dangers he was facing in the diamond industry from enemies. According to her accusations in the film, Simon asked Cecilie to open up a credit card in his name for him to use for his safety.

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In an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show on Feb. 11, Cecilie and Pernilla shared that they are still suffering from the debt acquired due to Simon's alleged scams. Although Simon has served five months in an Israeli prison for previous fraud charges, he has not faced criminal charges for their allegations in the Netflix doc.


"I think that he needs help," Cecilie told Drew on air. "I really feel that he needs help and I feel sorry for him. That's what I would like to say too. I feel really, really sorry for him. A very empty life he has."

Pernilla shared what she would say to Simon if she saw him again: "I would say that I told him that I'm gonna do everything to let everyone know who he is and I think I sort of accomplished that and just say ‘I told you so.'"

In response to the allegations, Simon sent a voice memo to Netflix, which appeared in the documentary. "I will proceed with the lawsuit against you for discrimination and lies and, you know, everything is based basically on a lie," he said. "And that's it, this is how it's gonna be."

He told Israel's Channel 13 News in 2021, "I was wronged for things I never did."

E! News has reached out to his manager for comment.