Watch Relatively Famous' Ebie Make a Shocking Confession on Her Dad Eazy-E's Death

By Allison Crist Feb 16, 2022 6:23 PMTags
Watch: Teary-Eyed Ebie Reveals the Truth About Her Upbringing

An ongoing battle. 

Ebie is showing her vulnerable side on the all-new episode of E!'s Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, airing tonight, Feb. 16.

Gathered around a campfire with her co-stars in this sneak peek, the musician is opening up about the death of her father, famed rapped Eazy-E. "When my dad died, there was like a secret deathbed marriage that took place," Ebie recalls. "And the woman who married him on his deathbed drew up a will and a trust that basically took everything."

Even now, Ebie says she doesn't have as much as a T-shirt of her father's.

"Growing up, fortunately, my mom was still in the music business," Ebie continues. "She was a music manager and she did real estate, so she did very well for herself and made it appear as if I was living off of super rich Eazy-E."

But when Ebie got older and began carving her own path as a rising musician and performer in L.A., she encountered a new "battle." 

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules Cast & Their Famous Parents

"I didn't grow up in Compton," she tells her co-stars. "I'm doing pop-rock music. But if you're telling them you're doing music, they're assuming I'm a rapper. And I'm always just trying to prove I'm just Ebie."

E!;Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives

The honest admission doesn't appear to be the first of the episode, as Jasmin Lawrence—the daughter of famous actor and comedian Martin Lawrence and stepdaughter of three-time Super Bowl Champion Emmitt Smith—then chimes in to explain that she's never experienced some of the things the group is talking about: "It's putting it all into perspective for me." 

That said, Jasmin has been forced to deal with plenty of her own issues. "People think if you don't have financial struggles that everything is just perfect," she says. "And I'm like, you don't understand. I have at times crippling anxiety. I've felt isolated before, I felt ostracized, I felt bullied before. Money and all that kind of stuff does not make you immune to the trials and tribulations of life and pain and things like that."

Hear more from Jasmin and Ebie in the above sneak peek of the Feb. 16 episode of Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, airing tonight.

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