Abbott Elementary Teachers Debate Whether or Not They’re Like “Family” in Sneak Peek

In an exclusive Abbott Elementary sneak peek, Janine argues the teachers are like family, but the rest of the group doesn't seem to agree.

By Jillian Fabiano Feb 15, 2022 7:00 PMTags

Where's the fine line between work friends and IRL friends? 

Looks like Janine (Quinta Brunson) hasn't found it yet. In an E! News exclusive Abbott Elementary sneak peek—starring Tyler James Williams and Lisa Ann Walter—Janine argues that she and her fellow elementary school teachers are like family, but the rest of the group doesn't seem to think so. 

"Well, look on the bright side," Janine says during a thunderstorm, "now we all get to stay inside and have lunch together, which will be nice because—despite what some people say—we all love each other like one big happy family."

"Ugh, what are you talking about?" Ava (Janelle James) asks as she walks into the teachers' lounge. 

"I told her we're work friends and now she's doing this," Jacob (Chris Perfetti) responds. 

As Janine once again argues they're like family, Melissa (Walter) jumps in stating, "Honey, family, you kill for. I ain't killing for any of ya. Except Barbara."

Guess we know where Barbara ranks among Melissa's favorites! 

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As the clip continues, Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) assures Janine that they're "good colleagues" and that "there's nothing wrong with that."

And while Janine says it "doesn't have to be that way," Ava isn't buying it.

"Girl, this ain't a sorority," she says. "I ain't shoplifting Plan B for you."

Although Janine's pleas ended in defeat, she cryptically shares that she has "ways of making people talk." 

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Will Janine be able to convince the group that they're closer than they believe?

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