Real Housewives Star Kandi Burruss Shares Her Favorite Amazon Products From Black-Owned Businesses

Celebrate Black History month by shopping these Black-owned brands recommended by Kandi Burruss.

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We included these products chosen by Kandi Burruss because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Kandi is a paid spokesperson for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

"It's Black History Month and, clearly, I'm celebrating. I'm celebrating Black History Month and I hope you are too," Kandi Burruss said during a recent live session on Amazon. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member added, "If you haven't had a chance to check out some of the amazing Black-owned businesses on Amazon, I am here to show you some products that I love."

The entrepreneur told Amazon shoppers, "You want to pour into other people and their businesses to help them grow." Keep on scrolling to see Kandi's fashion, beauty, and home picks from her favorite Black-owned brands.

Jumpstart Your New Year’s Goals With These Amazon Picks From Kandi Burruss

African American Expressions - All Occasion Boxed Cards Assortment Box of 18 Cards

"African American Expressions was founded in 1991. They're committed to improving the quality of life in our community around the world. This is an assortment of cards for all occasions, which have some beautiful women of colors on the cards, which is really cool."

"You know when you have a birthday party to go to or someone is celebrating something, we always wait to the last minute to get cards. Instead, I like to buy cards ahead of time. I keep a stack at my house. Have a box of cards for all occasions. It's good to have greeting cards already ready to go. Definitely get this."

African American Expressions - Tapestry Throw, Sister Friends Nicholle Kobi, 100% Cotton

"We also have an African American Expressions throw. You can put this on your couch. It can keep you super warm by the fire. I think it's super cute. I like it!"

WiredMonkey 12' Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone - Durable Phone Screen Magnifier

"I think this is pretty cool, the magnifier. This is a simple gadget made by a Black-owned business, WiredMonkey. This is good for my daughter [Riley Burruss]. If you are like my daughter, she only watches TV shows and other videos on her phone. It zooms in to give you a little TV screen vibe. It's super cool. It's great to throw in your bag for the plane. You can just put it on the tray table and watch a movie on your phone that's magnified."

Flipstik Original (Carrara Marble) - Best TikTok Accessory - Anywhere Mount, Tripod, Kickstand [Multiple Designs] Fits Most Smart Phones

"I love simple gadgets. This is a Flipstick. It's foldable. You stick it on the back of your phone and you can use it as a phone stand. Or you can fold it to keep it flat in your bag or pocket."

Orijin Bees Natural Ella Bee - African American Black Latino Hispanic Biracial Multicultural Curly Natural Hair 12 inch Baby Doll

"This was one of Oprah's Favorite Things. It's a super cute babydoll. She is sooooo cute. I love her for [daughter] Blaze [Tucker]. She's so into babydolls. She's only 2 years old. If you are looking for a beautiful babydoll for your child, grandchild, or a friend's child, that is the perfect one to get."

"Multicultural Dolls has all types of dolls. You should check it out. They have a few different beautiful dolls to choose from. Buy the whole collection. Let's promote these dolls to be the next big brand of dolls for kids to buy."

The Drop Women's Citronelle Strappy Rib Midi Dress by @signedblake

"You can see how good this dress looks. It's strappy. You can wear the straps different ways. It's stretchy and I love stretchy. It shows your shape and it has a lot of stretch to it. I love the dress. It's nice, simple, and chic. It's super cute. Super easy. It's one of those 'get up and go dresses.' Just get a cute pair of heels or flat sandals. Rock it, OK? I love that dress."

This dress is available in sizes ranging from XX-Small to 3X.

The Drop Women's Avalon Small Tote Bag

"This tote bag is super cute. Everybody acts like you need to go to a high-end place to get a bag, but this bag is cute. It doesn't matter where it's from, people are gonna be like 'where did you get that bag from?' Yes, it's right off of Amazon."

This bag comes in 9 colors, has 1,300+ 5-star reviews, and it was also recommended by Kyle Richards and E! News Shopping Editors.

Matching Family Outfits Set of 5 Couple Shirts The Original The Remix The Encore

"I'm really into these matching family outfits. I like the style. Sometimes, just a cute graphic t-shirt is what you need with some cute jeans and a heel."

Pantora Women's Cookie Cuddle Coat

"Now, this coat is a must-have, I'm telling y'all. I absolutely love this coat. It's Black-owned. This coat is amazing. It feels amazing and it looks amazing. I like it because it's bright and different. It feels warm. It's a soft puff with water-resistant shiny material. It's from Andrea Pitter, the winner of Making the Cut on Prime Video. It's a show that's all about fashion designers and it's a competition, which she won."

"This is a dope coat and I love it. Her designs are inspired by people and focused on merging the old with the new. Listen, you need a coat like this. I'm telling you, this coat is so cute. I definitely would suggest for anybody to get this coat. I personally think it's super cute."

Pantora Girls Around the World Pullover Hoodie

"This is also from Andrea Pitter, a winner of Making the Cut. This hoodie is cute. The picture is of people of color—stylish, fashionable people. It's a nice hoodie."

This hoodie comes in four colors.

Pantora Women's LaTisha Organza Button Up

"This is so me, right? I have this shirt from Andrea Pitter's line. I styled it with a Louis Vuitton belt that I stole from Marlo Hampton. Well, I didn't steal it. I had a scene with Marlo earlier and Marlo put it on me. This shirt is cute. They have some really cute shirts.

Beautifully Warm Sun Hat for Women- Wide Brim with Hair Style Protection

"This is the Beautifully Warm Sun Hat. I have a really big head, OK? Normally, I cannot fit in women's hats. Then, I tried this hat on and, yes, I'm giving you glamour. You need this when it's sunny outside. I love this hat. I think it's super cute and great for the summer. This one right here is in black. We all need a good black hat. This was made by Amy Peters. She has a small family business. This hat is satin-lined to protect your hair."

This hat also comes in khaki.

Confidence Apparel Resilient Hoodie

"'Resilient' is the perfect word to put on a sweatshirt because so many of us have gone through or going through some very tough moments in our life. We've pushed through. We're not sitting in our sorrows, negativity, or stress. We are pushing through and making it happen to get to a better place. You guys should buy one, wear it, and feel good about it. This was made by Confidence Apparel. Much love to them."

Valencia Key Roots & Wings

"Look at those earrings. They are beautiful. These are stylish and cool. They step up any outfit. They are the type of earring that will just step up any outfit you have on and people will ask where you got them from."

These also come in silver.

Bras & Honey Fuzzy Womens House Slippers

"We love a pair of good slippers, right? They're furry and they feel nice on the inside. I love these. They're very comfortable and they're super soft on the inside. Super soft. Everybody loves a good, soft shoe for the house."

Ms. J Travel Jewelry Organizer Travel Jewelry Storage Carrying Cases for Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets

"This is a travel jewelry organizer. I do think it's smart to have a travel jewelry case. It accommodates a wide range of jewelry and it has a pouch for rings and pins, necklaces clips, and a detachable earring panel. It's super cool. It's one of those travel items that just make your life easier. Get you one."

Mother's Shea by Eu'Genia Shea Butter (Rose, 2 Oz Tins - Set of 3)

"This comes in a cute canister. This one is rose and it smells so good. It smells excellent. I love shea butter. These are cool because they're small and you can just throw it in your bag, keep it at your desk, or keep one in your car. It is really nice. I love this shea butter cream."

"This is a really nice gift for someone, right? This comes with three in a set and 15% of profits go back to communities in Ghana."

Gabrielle Union has recommended this shea butter too.

Beautiful by E! Egyptian Musk Scented Body Oil 10 ML Roller Bottle

"This is a scented body oil. It smells good. This lasts forever. It's a roll-on scent."

PiperWai Natural Deodorant for Women & Men- Aluminum Free with Activated Charcoal & Magnesium

"This is a natural deodorant for women and men. It's an activated charcoal deodorant with essential oils. It's aluminum-free and paraben-free. It's great for sensitive skin. I was so excited to see a Black-owned company that makes aluminum-free deodorant. This deodorant is from PiperWai. It keeps the impurities out. Activated charcoal neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture without irritation, just clean, fresh pits. This is great. You guys should order one."

This deodorant has 3,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Crafts and the City Reusable Cotton Pads For Face- 20 Pack

"For you all who wear makeup, these are reusable to clean your face. It's soft cotton, so it doesn't scratch your skin. It's gentle on sensitive skin. It comes in this bag that you can put in the washing machine. We care about the environment, y'all. These wipe away stubborn eye makeup, waterproof mascara, and eyelash glue. I wear makeup almost every day, so I need these to take care of my skin. These are an essential item. Check them out, guys."

Mabua 18 Essential Oil Set

"This is an essential oils set. It's so nice. It comes with 18 essential oils, which is really amazing. I love essential oils because I just like for the house to smell good, honey. Sometimes, people don't think about that enough. A good smell can brighten you up and make you feel a certain way."

AllKem Dark Maroon Tapered Midi Long Coffin Press on Nails

"These are press-on nails. Press-on nails got me through the pandemic, honey. The press-on nails are everything. Get you some." These nails come in 21 different colors.

While you're shopping at Amazon, check out these gift picks from Kandi Burruss.

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