We're Crying Over Nina Dobrev's Tribute to "Greatest Boyfriend Of All Time" Shaun White's Final Olympics

Nina Dobrev's homage to Shaun White got emotional as she celebrated the end of his snowboarding career. Although he left the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics empty handed, Nina reminded him of his legacy.

By Steven Vargas Feb 12, 2022 2:58 AMTags
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Pass the tissues. it's the end of an era. 

Nina Dobrev got emotional in her latest Instagram post celebrating her boyfriend Shaun White, who is done competing in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and officially retired from the sport.  

The post shares candids of Shaun at the Olympics, carrying his board by his side on the slopes. In the final photo, we see the couple together in the snow, Nina in yellow resting her head on his helmet while he sits in front of her geared up for competition. 

The Love Hard actress captioned the post, "I'm in awe of you. Today we are celebrating you. Your hard work. Your passion. Your determination. Your talent. Your class. Your fearlessness. Your courage. Your soul. Your heart. YOUR LEGACY." 

Nina, 33, continued, "I couldn't be more proud. Of everything you have accomplished over the last 20 years as a competitor and the man you have become. You are one of a kind. You are a true hero and you inspire me daily." 

Emotional Reactions From the 2022 Beijing Olympics

The snowboarder walked away from this year's Olympics empty handed, but Nina wanted to let him know he still accomplished so much in his career. 

"The end of one chapter, means the beginning of an exciting new one with endless possibilities," Nina wrote. "You will forever be the G.O.A.T. of snowboarding. Not to mention you are also the G.(B).O.A.T. = Greatest Boyfriend Of All Time."

Cole Ferguson

The three-time Olympic gold medalist announced on Feb. 5 that after competing in the past five Winter Olympics, he would officially retire from snowboarding after the Olympics in Beijing. 

White, 35, said at the men's snowboard halfpipe press conference, held in the city of Zhangjiakou, "This has all had its amazing glow to every single decision and every single competition because I've decided this will be my last Olympics."

On Feb. 11, Shaun exclusively told E! News that Nina has been there "every step of the way" and has supported him throughout training to "brighten" his day with big and small gestures.  

Prior to completing the men's snowboard halfpipe in Beijing on Friday, Feb. 11, Shaun received even more support from his girlfriend of two years on social media. 

On Thursday, Feb. 9, she was seen with arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders in an Instagram post, as she wrote, "did I mention I already won the gold with you? show em' how it's done, you f--king stud."

Now that he's completed his time cruising the slopes, he's ready to return to Nina and his family to start the next chapter of his life.

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