Anderson Cooper Welcomes Baby No. 2 With Former Partner Benjamin Maisani

Anderson Cooper announced the arrival of his second baby, a boy named Sebastian. He said former partner Benjamin Maisani will also adopt his first son, Wyatt.

By Kelly Gilmore Feb 11, 2022 2:56 AMTags
Watch: Anderson Cooper Says Ex-Partner Will Co-Parent Son Wyatt

Anderson Cooper has announced some breaking baby news. 

On Feb. 10, the anchor shared while on CNN that he and former partner Benjamin Maisani have welcomed a second baby via surrogate, a boy named Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper.

Anderson started off the exciting announcement by introducing that he had some "good" news that also happened to be "very personal." He reflected back on his first son, Wyatt, who he introduced to the world while on his show Anderson Cooper 360 in April 2020.   

Pulling a photo of Wyatt now, Anderson continued, "Well, this is Wyatt today. He's nearly 22 months old and he is sweet and funny and the greatest joy in my life. If he looks particularly happy in this picture, it's because he now has a baby brother. His name is Sebastian and I would like you to meet him."

Anderson explained that their latest bundle of joy was born just under 7 pounds with all of the adorable tendencies a baby can acquire. 

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"He is healthy and happy even his occasional hiccups are to me adorable," Anderson said. "He mostly just sleeps and eats and he certainly poops, but he already seems like a wise and thoughtful little chap."

Anderson shared that Wyatt even helped him and Benjamin put together Sebastian's crib.

Instagram / Anderson Cooper

While Benjamin and Anderson are no longer involved romantically, the CNN anchor confirmed that the two are co-parents and best friends who will continue to actively raise Wyatt and Sebastian. Anderson revealed, "Benjamin is also in the process of adopting Wyatt, so Wyatt's last name will be changed soon to Maisani-Cooper as well."

He said that in these past 22 months since Wyatt's birth, he has felt the family love of not just those who are still on this earth, but those who have passed. 

Anderson recalled, "When I announced Wyatt's birth, I said that I like to imagine my mom and dad and brother, all of whom are no longer alive, with their arms around each other, smiling and joyful at his birth. Well, these past 22 months. I felt them watching over us very strongly and I already feel their love for Sebastian. The family I was born into may be gone but I feel them alive in the family that we've created in new love and new life."

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Selfie Time

Anderson Cooper takes a selfie with his son.

10 Weeks Old

"Wyatt is 10 weeks old and doing great," Anderson Cooper wrote on Instagram. "He likes naps and milk, bath time and being read to. Thank you for all your lovely cards and messages!"

Bottle Time

Anderson Cooper feeds his newborn son.

Newborn Wyatt

Say cheese!


Baby Wyatt gets a kiss from his dad.

Welcome, Wyatt

Baby Wyatt was born in April 2020.