Gia Giudice Deserves a RHONJ Promotion After Standing Up to Uncle Joe Gorga

Watch Gia Giudice prove she's as tough as mom Teresa Giudice during a heated Real Housewives of New Jersey confrontation with her uncle Joe Gorga.

By Brett Malec Feb 09, 2022 7:22 PMTags

Turns out the apple doesn't fall far from the table-flipping tree.

Gia Giudice is proving she can hold her own when it comes to drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. On the Feb. 8 episode of the hit Bravo series, Teresa Giudice's 21-year-old daughter impressively stood up to her uncle Joe Gorga after he made disparaging comments about her dad Joe Giudice.

Following a fight between RHONJ co-stars Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin, Gia confronted Joe, saying, "This is why people just shouldn't open their mouth in the first place, just like dad didn't deserve it either."

Joe picks up on Gia's not-so-subtle dig at him.

"What, Gia? I hear you talking," an agitated Joe replies in the clip below.

"You're going to come at me disrespectfully? Because then I won't talk to you," Gia says, adding, "I'm an adult now too so you can talk to me like one. Because I'm done with you being disrespectful. You're not going to talk down to me either."

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Naturally that leaves Joe heated, telling his niece, "I would never allow my daughter to talk to my aunt or uncles [like this], I mean where were you raised?" before storming out of the party.

Teresa and Melissa Gorga eventually convince Gia to go after her uncle, who is fuming on the other side of the house. "She looks at me like I'm the devil. Her father was the devil, not me!" Joe tells Teresa's fiancé Luis Ruelas.

Teresa tells Melissa, "The closest person to her father was my brother. She loves him, that's why she's hurt to."

When Gia and Joe come face to face again, Gia doesn't back down in defending her position.

See the tense confrontation in the video above.

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