Robert Pattinson Makes Rare Comment About His Relationship With Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

Twilight star and incoming Batman Robert Pattinson shared details on the dynamic of his relationship with Suki Waterhouse, even when avoiding fans.

By Steven Vargas Feb 09, 2022 1:18 AMTags
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You better hold on tight, spider monkey. 
Twilight alum Robert Pattinson provided a rare glimpse into his relationship with Suki Waterhouse in his recent interview with GQ—including how they handle unwanted attention. 

The couple has kept their relationship private, but sometimes it isn't easy to avoid a fan encounter, especially as Robert joins the DC family. 

The actor retired his vampire fangs and adopted bat wings as the new Batman in the upcoming movie releasing in March. Now that he's part of the DC fan base, he recalled the time a man came by to fix his boiler and began talking extensively about "what a DC fan he is." 

Robert recalled of the experience, "And I'm sitting there facing the other direction, and my girlfriend just keeps continuing the conversation with him." 

Although Robert wanted to avoid the interaction, Suki extended it to tease her superhero boyfriend. He said he tried to end the conversation, but nothing could stop her, and all he could do was laugh it off.

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"And I'm looking at her like: Shut the f--k up," he continued. "Why are you doing this to me? She was very entertaining. Just talking to an obsessive fan."

Robert, who has talked very little about his girlfriend since they were first linked in 2018, kept quiet on how the couple likes to spend their alone time, but he did give some insight on what's definitely not on the itinerary for date night.


Though the interview was originally scheduled to take place at the London Zoo, Robert noted, "I was talking to my girlfriend last night and she was, like, ‘You know, people don't really like zoos.'" 

Calling zoos "very wrong," he said he imagined a "sad bear" trapped inside, walking in circles without people around, before stopping himself from going down the rabbit hole of thought. 
"I just can't help it," he told the outlet of his tendency to over-think. "I'll do it for every single element, every decision, in my life. What is the worst-case scenario for this decision?"
With zoo dates off the table, the couple has proven their love for movie nights in the past. 

In fact, the couple first sparked romance rumors in July 2018, when they were spotted cozying up together and kissing in the streets of London. The pictures showed the two stars enjoying a movie night, stepping out of Electric Cinema in Notting Hill after watching Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Since then, they've been seen going on double dates with Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn and cuddling in Ibiza. Most times they can be spotted in Notting Hill, walking the same streets Robert did for the interview with GQ and remembering some of the funny moments they shared.