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Some celebs, believe it or not, are sweeter than sweet. Adam Lambert, for example, is always so friggin' pleasant with us—he'd prolly trade hair tips with us for hours, if we asked.

But some famous types pretend to be nice, like Rachael Ray, while really reeling underneath their phony grins.

Then there are rude dudes like our current big-budget-pic mystery man. Guys like him just don't seem to give a damn about everyday folks, hence, the public douche bag behavior you're about to read about. Can you guess who it is? Go on and try!

Guess the Gossip: Tues., June 30
Which blockbuster badass is just an ass in the Valley?

Answer: Shia LaBeouf!

Shia was dining at Hamburger Hamlet in Sherman Oaks with a nonfamous dude, as opposed to recent dining companion and BFF Megan Fox (who's hanging with ex Brian Austin Green for a few seconds right now). Still, Shia musta picked up some fan-sassing tips from all those nights out with Meg.

According to our very sober brunching source, a mom dining with a bunch of li'l girls in a nearby booth politely went up to Shia and asked if he would say hi to her kids, all big fans of the Transformers star.

The Beouf-cake, superirritated at the request, snapped back, "Maybe in 10 minutes," but it never happened. What did he do instead? Left a beyond-crappy tip for the server and departed without one simple wave to the table of denied kids. Not even a damn smile...or smirk. Nada. Result: superbummed kiddies.

If the smoking habit, the failure to take a Breathalyzer test and the creepy mom comments weren't enough to get us off this guy, this is it! Hey, if it wasn't for Shia's busted-up hand, ya think he would have thrown the kids the finger! And right when we were starting to warm up to S, too.

Not like Shi behaving badly to those who made him famous in the first place would stop producers from casting him in Transformers 3, 'cause you so know it's gonna happen!

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