Dustin Lynch's New Music Will Have You Embracing the Party 24/7

Activate party mode! In an exclusive interview with E! News, country singer Dustin Lynch shared what inspired his fifth studio album. “This is a fun time,” he said.

By Mike Vulpo Feb 11, 2022 2:00 PMTags
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Dustin Lynch has been "Thinking ‘Bout You."

The country music singer knows that the coronavirus pandemic forced his fans to cancel their plans and stay away from life's great pleasures like concerts and large gatherings. But as Dustin releases his fifth studio album, Blue in the Sky, on Feb. 11, the Nashville resident hopes his music gives listeners permission to drink and party safely again.

"That was the driving force behind all of the songs," Dustin exclusively shared with E! News. "We weren't on the road. We weren't touring…I was at my farm in Tennessee, outside a lot working hard so doing life like that was new for me. It wasn't all travel and hustle and bustle. It was more laid back and I just feel like this album and the contents of this album reflects that."

Dustin missed his group of friends who love to hang out on the water, drink and end a night with a casual house party. Thanks to songs like "Tequila on a Boat" featuring Chris Lane, listeners are able to get a taste of Dustin's life while also embracing some sunshine of their own.

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"We put the song out on my birthday in May hoping that it would make a splash in the summer months and become a part of somebody's summer playlist," he said. "There's no better endorsement than when I'm on the water or if I'm in my fishing boat and another boat comes by and I hear one of my songs. I think that's when I know I'm making the right kind of music." 

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Starting March 17, the 36-year-old will travel the country with special guest Sean Stemaly for the Party Mode tour. In between his headlining shows, the "Small Town Boy" singer will also perform at select festivals and shows including California's Boots in the Park with Tim McGraw.

To say Dustin is pumped to get back out on the road may just be an understatement. "We've already got the set list pretty much locked in. We're just gonna embrace the party of 2022," he said. "It was like the world's opening back up. We should celebrate that and people should come out and walk away with great memories."

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Just days before his album release, Dustin celebrated his tour announcement by buying shots for fans at various Nashville bars on Broadway.

And as he celebrates another milestone in his career, Dustin can't help but reflect on how far he's come. In college, he was putting in endless hours studying to become a surgeon. But after experiencing "this empty feeling in my gut," Dustin said he had to give music a chance. As you likely could have guessed, he's so glad he did.

"I didn't want to live with a dream that I was passionate about that I didn't try," he said. "I'm so glad I chased that because you can try these that's-never-going-to-happen-for-you dreams and what's the worst that's going to happen? Give it a shot and have fun doing it."