Pete Davidson Admits He's "Very Hittable" in Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

In an upcoming Super Bowl commercial for Hellman's, Pete Davidson himself teases that he understands why someone would want to tackle him head-on.

By Kisha Forde Feb 07, 2022 5:11 PMTags

Is Pete Davidson tackling more than just the subject of mayo?
Well, a few fans are raising their eyebrows after Hellman's dropped their upcoming Super Bowl commercial starring the Saturday Night Live star. In the almost minute-long ad, football coach and former linebacker Jerod Mayo is seen tackling various people in a lighthearted effort to prevent food waste. The spot ends with Pete—who is currently dating Kim Kardashian—being thrown to the ground by the football star. After Mayo apologized for the hoist, Pete responded, saying, "I get it. I'm very hittable."
He's heard it before, after all. Last month, Kim's ex, Kanye "Ye" West spoke about the comedian in his single, "Eazy," rapping, "God saved me from that crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass."

It seems as though Kanye isn't taking to Kim's new romance well. Almost three months after she and Pete shared a playful kiss during her SNL debut, the dad of four told Hollywood Unlocked, "How you gonna bring me to SNL and then kiss the dude you dating right in front of me?"

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson's L.A. Outing With Khloe

Not that it bothers Kim and Pete. They are enjoying their budding romance to the fullest, with a source previously telling E! News that they're "both super into each other."

"[Kim] has fallen hard," the insider shared. "She loves the ease of the relationship and how fun and different it is. She's doing things she hasn't done in years, and he is exposing her to all sorts of different dates." Per the source, "She's getting to know Pete's friends and he's getting to know hers. They are really happy with where things are."

Sounds like Kim and Pete may be well on their way to the end zone. For even more of the best Super Bowl ads ever, scroll on..

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