Billie Eilish Stops Concert to Help Fan Who Had Trouble Breathing

Safety first! Billie Eilish stopped her concert in Atlanta, Ga. on Feb. 5 to check in on a fan who was having difficulty breathing. Watch a fan’s video of the concerning moment.

By Emlyn Travis Feb 06, 2022 11:58 PMTags
Watch: Billie Eilish Stops Concert to Help Fan in Distress

Billie Eilish is using her power for good.  

While performing on her Happier Than Ever World Tour on Feb. 5, the "bad guy" singer, 20, stopped her show at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Ga., to check in on a distressed fan and offer help.

According to fan Danna Macias, who was at the event, Eilish put everything on pause shortly after a nearby concertgoer asked to be removed from her place in the crowd because she was having difficulty breathing during the artist's set.  

"They helped her out of general admission and made sure she was okay," Macias told E! News. "After that, Billie noticed people were struggling, so she asked everyone to take a step back and make room for everyone. Suddenly people started asking for an inhaler, another girl was struggling to breathe. Billie stopped everything!"

In concert footage provided by Macias (@thelifeofdanna), Eilish can be seen scanning the crowd before asking her team for an inhaler. "It's OK, we got one," she then said. "Guys, give her some time. Don't crowd."

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Turning to the rest of the audience, Eilish added, "Relax, relax, it's OK!"

Before carrying on with the show, the singer—who has a history of stopping shows throughout her career to check on the safety of concertgoers, told the crowd, "I wait for people to be OK until I keep going," as seen in another video posted by TMZ.

Watch: Billie Eilish Stops Concert to Help Fan in Distress

The incident comes almost two months after 10 people died from accidental suffocation after being crushed while in the crowd at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston. The rapper stated that he was "absolutely devastated" in the wake of the mass casualty incident. Scott, who is facing multiple multi-million-dollar lawsuits over the tragedy, also told Charlamagne tha God in December, "It wasn't really until minutes until the press conference until I found out exactly what happened."

—Reporting by Meriam Bouarrouj