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When One Tree Hill returns in the fall, what's in store for Sophia Bush's Brooke and Austin Nichols' Julian? Will they hook up or break down? Plus, how far forward is this season's time jump?

We've got the scoop on the future of OTH and much more dish in this week's Spoiler Chat. Read on to find out:

• How does the "kung fu" download change Chuck?
• How does Kristen Bell return to Party Down?
• What does Juliet's end mean for Ben on Lost?
• What happened to the Fringe writing staff over the summer?
• Who's getting wasted on Smallville?



    Scott in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Lost!
    At the 35th Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, Calif., we asked Lost's Michael Emerson how Ben (who once crushed hard on Juliet) would react to the news that she had nuked herself, and Emerson said: "Ben's no longer in a position to entertain romantic notions. I don't think there's room for romance in Ben's world right now. As much as he admires her on a lot of levels, I don't think he can do anything about it." We also asked, on a scale of one to 10, how he would rate Elizabeth Mitchell's awesomeness? "It would be a number higher than 10." Word.

    Jill in Auckland, New Zealand: I need some new Lost news!
    The best we can offer you on this fine afternoon is Lost show runner Carlton Cuse saying nothing about Lost at the Saturn Awards, but saying it darn well:

    Watch With Kristin: How much of the speculation on the Internet about Lost season six is correct? Give us a percentage.
    Carlton Cuse: I'm not really good at math, so no speculation about that.

    WWK: You're the best stonewaller ever.
    This is what we like to call stonewalling season, where we try to preserve radio silence—but we'll be coming out of Comic-Con with some cool things, I think, so we're excited about that.

    WWK: There is one very important question.

    WWK: Can you get Josh Holloway to come to Comic-Con?
    Mmmm...That's a good idea, which I will pitch to the appropriate parties. Josh is great. We would love it if Josh would come.

    WWK: And here's a question you're not going to answer. Season one: Jack's the most important person ever. Season four: Ben's the key to everything. Season five: Jacob. If you had to pick a character who was the most central to what Lost is in the end, who would it be?
    You're right, I'm not going to answer that.

    1. We tried.
    2. Tell Holloway in the comments that he should appear on Lost's final Comic-Con panel.

    Kelly in Houston: I read on Twitter that the entire Fringe writing staff was replaced except for show runner Jeff Pinkner. True or false?
    When we asked Fringe cocreator J.J. Abrams about this he told us, "There's been a massive influx of strange new faces with incredibly talented brains who are replacing many of the previous, equally talented brains in that room. There are some who are the same talented brains; there are some talented brains who have nothing to do with last year. Like any show, there's a rate of attrition that sort of just happens, but I have to say, the Fringe writing room—I was there yesterday—it was electric. On fire. Great ideas. Fun. So I was thrilled about last year, and I'm equally if not more excited about this year." So, change is coming to Fringe, but don't panic.

    Industrial Light and Magic / Paramount Pictures

    J.J. Abrams side note:

    We said: "Star Trek. OMFG. Awesome."
    J.J. Abrams said: "Oh, TY!"

    Mischa in Culver City, Calif.: 24 scoop. Anything please!
    Jennifer Westfeldt
    appears on 24 this season, which just happens to be filming on the same lot as her man Jon Hamm's show, Mad Men. Jennifer tells us of her 24 role: "I'm a journalist with some ties to the president of the Islamic Republic, who is played by Anil Kapoor, who was in Slumdog Millionaire." She wouldn't tease whether her character was good or bad, but safe to say she's not sticking around too long because she's off to New York to star in an off-Broadway play this week.

    Marianne in Healdsburg, Calif.: I'm really excited about Eastwick. Do you know anything about it yet?
    We just caught up with Eastwick star Lindsay Price at the Whitney Art Party in New York, and she filled us in on her character: "[Joanna's] very awkward and shy. She's like the Susan Sarandon [character in the movie], very bookish, but she works for the paper, like the Michelle Pfeiffer character. My character on Eastwick is not a fashionista to say the least. She loves to spill something on her clothes. She's like Annie Hall meets Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary." Sounds pretty sexy to us!

    HBO/ Jamie Trueblood

    Kelly in Amsterdam, Netherlands: Please give us some scoop on Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood!
    Not only is Alex the show's leading eye candy, but he also serves as the show's official Swedish-English translator. Costar Kristin Bauer, who plays Eric's "serial killer baby" Pam, tells us, "They keep writing me lines [to read in] Swedish, and Alexander calls and says the Swedish on my phone. Hopefully he's not lying to me about what I'm saying. That's what my boyfriend does—he's from Africa, and he's teaching me Afrikaans, and I don't know what I'm saying, but he laughs."

    Colby in Spring Hill, Fla.: What can you tell us about next season of Dexter and this Trinity Killer played by John Lithgow?
    star Jennifer Carpenter, who of course plays Dexter's sister Deb Morgan (and who is Michael C. Hall's real-life wife) just told us, "John Lithgow is a teddy bear. I think that's part of the fun of the story—how well do you know people you spend time with? It's about how we judge people so quickly and don't really know what they're capable of."

    Fred Norris /The CW

    KEMattison via Twitter: Will Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton be making any guest appearances on One Tree Hill this season?
    Our sources tell us it's doubtful that we'll see CMM or H.M. again on One Tree Hill, but perhaps in the finale. 

    Aprilnich via Twitter: Will Brooke and Julian last on One Tree Hill?
    TV diva's Magic 8-Ball says: "Signs point to yes." 

    Mary in Seattle: Is there going to be a time jump again this year on One Tree Hill?
    Nothing as drastic as last season, but One Tree Hill does leap forward a year when the show returns this fall.

    Trae Patton/NBC

    Caroline in New York: I finally got to check out Chuck, watched all of season one without stopping, and now am totally in love with Zachary Levi. Is there information about season three? I can't wait until 2010!
    We just chatted up Chuck stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez about what that stunning season-two cliffhanger ("I know kung fu.") means for the future of the show. Zach told us, "It would appear that Chuck has lost  his everyman appeal, but he hasn't. The new Intersect is not perfect. It has some hiccups and glitches." Or as Josh quipped, "Now Chuck might flash and then suddenly know ballet." As for Morgan's future, Gomez says he already knows kung fu, and Zach says, "Yeah, Morgan's the leader of the bad guys." He's totally kidding. We think.

    V.J. in Yakima, Wash.: Any news on Heroes?
    Cristine Rose
    , who plays the imperious Heroes matriarch Angela Petrelli, tells us, "I just read episode 4.03 and—oh, I get chills just thinking about it—I learned that 20 years ago or so, I made a decision that is going to come to back to bite me in my rear end. Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up. Oh well, she stays afloat with a sense of humor and a glass of wine."

    Larry Watson/FOX

    Martin in Hackensack, N.J.: Any word on who will be in charge while House is in the mental institution?
    Executive producer David Shore tells us, "We are going to have some fun with who is going to be running the diagnostics department. We're not bringing in anyone new right now, so it's going to be somebody you know."

    Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: What's the Huddy scoop for the next season of House?
    We asked Lisa Edelstein if she'd be visiting House in the mental hospital, to which she replied, "I hope so, unless he doesn't want to see her." When it comes down to it, she is rooting for Huddy to be together, but not in the way you'd expect. Says Edelstein, "I love that storyline, but not together together. I just like the torture of it all." And for you Hameron fans, Lisa sets the record straight on if she wants to see House with Cameron? "No! Are you kidding?"

    Aaron in Rancho Bernardo, Calif.: Any good news for fans of Foreteen on House?
    Not likely. As Omar Epps explains, trouble at work may equal trouble for Foreteen. Says Epps, "Knowing the rhythm of our show, [their relationship] is going to progress into a brick wall."

    Colleen E. Hayes/Starz

    Kristal in Detroit: Any news on Party Down?
    According to star Ryan Hansen, production on Party Down season two begins in September. Jane Lynch is definitely not returning. (Ryan: "Kill me now. I love Jane Lynch so much.") As for the future of his character, Kyle, Ryan says, "I think that he will maybe get a couple little parts, get a big head about it, and then maybe fail a little bit and have to cater to support himself. And hopefully his band, Karma Rocket, can play one of the catering gigs." And everybody involved is optimistic that Kristen Bell will be back as Uda Bengt. Ryan tells us about prospects for Bell's return, "I'll drug her and drag her in, and we'll just prop her up." Sounds good to us! 

    Dave in Seattle: I know it's so far away, but can you spill anything about the new season of Glee?
    Fans may love the Finn-Quinn-Rachel love triangle, but the adult version is definitely one to keep your eyes on. While Will (Matthew Morrison) is married to Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Emma (Jayma Mays) is pining for Will, the unlikely fourth point of the love quadrangle, Ken Tanaka (True Blood's Patrick Gallagher), should not be counted out. Gallagher tells us of the slightly creepy football coach: "I think you understand where Ken comes from as they go on. You understand where the bitterness comes from, and people may start to like him a little. Ken will keep going [after Emma]. Ken will go after what he wants. The one thing Ken won't do is give up."

    Bay in Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Keep the news coming on more Friday Night Lights!
    We just ran into Six himself, and Scott Porter tells us about his future on Friday Night Lights: "I may have a guest spot return to Dillon in season five. In the final episodes of the wrap-up season, we'll put a bow on everybody. There are definitely some ways to bring Jason Street back. If Riggins gets in trouble, or if Riggins ends up getting married, then I'll come back for that. [Street's return] is probably going to be Riggins-related, although since I'm a football scout now, I could probably come down and look at some of the new kids at East Dillon." Porter just wrapped a Fox pilot called Masterwork about international art theft. It was filmed on location in Europe, and Porter plays an FBI agent. (Note to Fox: We want to go to there.)

    Michael Courtney/The CW

    Michelle in the United Kingdom: Any Smallville season-nine news?
    Green Arrow himself, aka Justin Hartley, tells us, "I heard Oliver's going to start drinking again. He'd better be a funny drunk. Who wants an angry drunk around?"

    Mackenzie in Oklahoma City, Okla.: Any Sons of Anarchy news?
    Sources confirm that that the wicked witch of the ATF, Ally Walker's character June Stahl, returns to bust Sam Crow's balls some more in season two. FX reps also assure us that contrary to rumor, fellow recurring character Nord boss Ernest Darby (Mitch Pileggi) will be back for multiple episodes. As for Drea de Matteo—who played Jax's baby mama, Wendy, and was just cast on Desperate Housewives—FX reps tell us, "Drea is not scheduled to return to SOA."

    Jamie in Shabbona, Ill.: I need some scoop on Army Wives!
    Katelyn Pippy
    , who plays troubled Army daughter Emmalin, tells us, "Later in the season, somebody in the Holden family is going to be in accident." Gah! Didn't they go through enough when they lost Amanda?

    Dyan in San Diego: Any word on who's coming back to Law & Order: SVU next season?
    NBC just confirmed that Mariska and Chris will return. Killer CSU tech Dale Stuckey (Noel Fisher) definitely won't be back in season 11, but it isn't for a lack of trying. We caught up with Noel at the Hung premiere party, and he told us he's planning on pestering the producers into having Dale in the background when the district attorneys venture to the prison.

    Anna in Dallas: I love Hank and Jill on Royal Pains, but the relationship with his brother Evan is much more interesting.
    Did you know Evan wasn't originally Hank's brother? Mark Feuerstein tells us, "When Paulo Costanzo came in to read for the role, the role was to actually be my best friend. When Paulo came in, we compared our Jew fros and Jew schnozzes, and the network realized they couldn't possibly have us put together and not be related because it would just be too confusing. So they changed his character to my brother. The beauty of that is we have much more at stake when we have tension. And we share history that we never would have had had the characters not been changed to being brothers."

    Joy in Atlanta: I saw a preview for that new ABC Family show Ruby & the Rockits starring the Cassidy brothers. I'm stoked to see those guys relive their glory days as rock stars. Have you heard anything about it?
    Actually, the other day we ran into the adorable Austin Robert Butler (who plays David Cassidy's nephew Jordan Gallagher), and he told us how much fun the show has been to shoot: "My favorite part of the show so far has been watching David and Patrick shoot fake '80s music videos. It's so funny. They get the crazy hair and awesome outfits. It's a total throwback to how they used to be." Another cool thing? "Shirley Jones [Academy Award winner and David's stepmom and Patrick's mom] is on the set every day to support her boys. She's so nice. The whole show seems like a family affair!"

    Jaden in El Paso, Texas: What's the latest on The Big Bang Theory?
    We caught up with Simon Helberg last week, and while no one's yet bought his pitch for Dr. Horrible 2: The Birth of Moist, he remains hopeful. A funny idea that Helberg's trying to sell is, "Ringo Starr should be Howard's dad on The Big Bang Theory. Not Ringo Starr playing someone, just Ringo Starr as himself. I think my dad should be a Beatle and just no one's ever mentioned that until he shows up." Could you see Ringo as Wolowitz's pop? Post in the comments.

    Jerry in New Orleans: What's coming up on True Blood?
    In the next episode, Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) encounter trouble when they arrive in Dallas and find out that someone from the Fellowship of the Sun was sent to abduct Sookie. The plan fails. And believe it or not, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) invites Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) into his home and feeds off his blood to recover from the wounds suffered when Eric abducted him. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

    Billy in Hartford, Conn.: What's in store for Tommy on Rescue Me? His drinking can't lead to good things.
    No, it can't—and it doesn't. In fact, in tomorrow night's episode, Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) does something so messed up with a blowtorch that you must see it to believe it. He also has a hallucination sequence where he talks to his dead family members. And then he does something sexually that's even more messed up, but we're too ladylike to repeat it here. Needless to say, it looks like Tommy is coming undone.

    Stephen in Brooklyn: When is Kristin coming back?
    We miss her more than you do, we promise. In the meantime, here's a pic of the cuteness that is keeping her away from WWK.

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