Vannessa Shocks Her Pals in This Unfiltered 1000-Lb. Best Friends Preview

In this exclusive clip from the Feb. 7 premiere of 1000-Lb. Best Friends, Vannessa and her pals get together for a girls' night, and the conversation quickly becomes NSFW.

By Alyssa Ray Feb 03, 2022 7:00 PMTags

Who doesn't love some NSFW girl talk?

In this exclusive preview of the Feb. 7 premiere of TLC's new series, 1000-Lb. Best FriendsMeghan Crumpler invites plus size pals Vannessa CrossTina Arnold and Ashley Sutton over for a girls' night. And while this night may be for the ladies, the topic of conversation is all about men!

"The four of us, we have a different perspective of the world than thinner people," Tina tells the 1000-Lb. Best Friends camera. "And it's nice to have people you can talk about those things with and not feel shamed for."

And this friend group isn't afraid to get honest about their respective dating lives. Well, at least, Vannessa is unapologetically upfront, as she tells the ladies, "I only drink for one reason: To go home with a man. I'm drinking so that when we in the bedroom and the lights are off, I can say, 'That's right.'"

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While Tina and Ashley are left wide-eyed and speechless following Vannessa's confession, Meghan jumps in with an admission of her own: "I'm afraid of smothering them."

Of course, Vannessa doesn't feel similarly, as she jokes in response, "I don't care. I'm more like, 'You down there? Alright, let's go.'"

This gets all the ladies laughing, with Ashley later telling the camera, "There's no filter with Vannessa. She's gonna say it like it is, tell you how it is as she thinks it."

In a confessional, Ashley also compares Vannessa's NSFW vernacular to a "porno."


Proving Ashley's point, Vannessa further shares with the group, "If a man tells me, 'Babe, run it.' I'm doing it. Now the thing is if the man has the proper equipment though. 'Cause us ladies, we ain't even trying to be funny, some men ain't got the equipment to ride."

Like we said, Vannessa isn't afraid to get candid.

Watch the saucy scene in the exclusive clip above.

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1000-Lb. Best Friends premieres Monday, February 7 at 10 p.m. on TLC and discovery+.

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