Craig Conover Reveals the Truth About Those Kristin Cavallari Rumors: See Paige DeSorbo React

After implying that he was "hooking up" with Kristin Cavallari, Craig Conover is setting the record straight about their relationship. Watch him confess to Summer House star Paige DeSorbo.

By Allison Crist Feb 03, 2022 5:52 PMTags

Craig Conover is wreaking havoc on the Hamptons.

The Southern Charm star is still in town on next week's all-new Summer House, and as the below sneak peek clip shows, he's now being forced to deal with the fallout from Lindsay Hubbard telling Paige DeSorbo about him "hooking up" with Kristin Cavallari

"Are you still f--king her?" Paige asks in the preview.

"If I'm in Nashville, do I have someone that I might hook up with? Yeah," Craig answers, though Kristin has denied hooking up with both him and Austen Kroll. "Paige, I will never lie to you. You and I are not exclusive right now. You didn't want to be because you just got out of a relationship."

Paige issues several "I know" responses, but she's clearly hurt by Craig's admission.

Seemingly attempting to cheer her up, he adds, "The only girl I've ever been to a baseball game [with] is you. The only one that my friends know is you."

"I like you," he continues. "But I didn't sign up for this. I came to go swimming and s--t. This is a whole f--king thing now."

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Meanwhile, Lindsay is still reeling from Craig's previous blow-up, during which he called her "the biggest loser in the world, accused her of secretly dating Austen and yelled at Paige, Mya Allen and Ciara Miller.

"Who f--king does that?" she says to herself. "Yells at girls to try to cover their ass?" 

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Everyone has thankfully calmed down the next morning, but Paige is still upset.

As she reveals in a confessional, "We're both very single. We're not exclusive. We're allowed to do whatever we want. But to hear solidified confirmation from Craig's mouth that he is sleeping with someone else, I just feel a lot of things right now."

"I feel stupid, I feel naive," she adds. "Maybe I made this something in my head that it just wasn't."

Only time will tell. 

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