Disney Stars Annie McElwain and Poppi Monroe Just Double Teamed Fans With Surprise Reunion

Close to 20 years after Disney Channel's original movie Double Teamed premiered, stars Annie McElwain and Poppi Monroe reunited for a special podcast episode.

By Mike Vulpo Jan 31, 2022 8:52 PMTags
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Over the weekend, Disney Channel original movie fans felt a whole lot of nostalgia when they discovered the lead cast members from Double Teamed had reunited for a special interview. 

Annie McElwain and Poppi Monroe both appeared on the Back to the Best podcast, on which they discussed their 2002 movie, which is gaining a whole new audience now that it's available to stream on Disney+

"It's so nice to see you now," Annie shared during the virtual interview. Poppi added, "When we did the thing, you were a baby babe, a young lady on your way and now you're just a grown-up version."

Double Teamed told the story of twin sisters Heidi and Heather who transfer to a posh high school known for its athletic program. Once they make the school's basketball team, the siblings must compete for playing time and their teammates' respect.

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During the chat, Poppi revealed that she lives in Texas, and Annie said she works as a photographer. And while fans may know them as Disney Channel's dynamic basketball duo, the pair remains convinced that they got the job because they looked so alike.

"We definitely wore lifted sneakers pretty much the whole time we shot," Annie confessed when recalling their similar 5-feet, 9-inches height. Poppi continued, "It was odd how close we were on a lot of things. It was very odd."

When looking back on filming, Annie explained how close she got to her co-star, even when cameras weren't rolling.

"We hung out with each other a lot," she said. "We filmed in Salt Lake City and there wasn't a ton to do outside of filming so Poppi and I hung out a lot."

As for Poppi, she had a new perspective about her Disney experience more than two decades later. 

"One of the things Disney is known for is being very thrifty. They are delivering a lot of content," she said. "They're also creating a platform for a lot of young people coming up. It's a perfect marriage for keeping a set really lean, not necessarily being known for paying everyone really well and giving a platform to emerging talent."

For more secrets behind the making of Double Teamed, listen to the latest Back to the Best podcast now