This Murderville Sneak Peek Is Proof NFL Star Marshawn Lynch Has a Future in Comedy

Marshawn Lynch is the MVP of Murderville's police force in this exclusive sneak peek of the Netflix series.

By Cydney Contreras Feb 02, 2022 6:00 PMTags

Netflix, if you're reading this, we want more Marshawn Lynch content.

After watching this exclusive sneak peek of Murderville, we're positive that the former NFL running back has a future in comedy. In the preview, trainee Marshawn, playing himself, has teamed up with detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett) to solve a women's murder. They hit an obstacle in their investigation when they go to interview suspect Charles Worthington and discover that the two-way mirror is missing. 

It's too late to change interrogation rooms though, so Det. Seattle tells him, "When Charles comes in, you're going to have to mirror his moves exactly so he still thinks there's a mirror there." 

And they would've gotten away with it, too, if Det. Seattle wasn't insulted by an officer who walks into the room. According to the cop, who Seattle has to mimic, he looks "like a sack of s--t that's been left in the sun too long."

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Meanwhile, Marshawn is just standing there, not knowing what's going on. And that's the great thing about Murderville, which follows guest stars as they improvise their way through a murder investigation.

As the lead detective on the case, Will's character, Terry, offers them some guidance but the stars are essentially on their own. And though Marshawn has zero experience in comedy, he's surprisingly hilarious.

Darren Michaels/Netflix

But jokes will only get you so far in Murderville. As detective trainee, Marshawn alone is required to figure out who the murderer really is. 

Sharon StoneConan O'BrienKumail NanjianiAnnie Murphy and Ken Jeong will also join Will in his quest for justice this season. To see how those stars fare in their investigations, check out Murderville when it premieres on Netflix Friday, Feb. 3.

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