The Bachelor's Shrimp-Gate May Be the Show's Most Ridiculous Fight Yet

Who knew that shrimp could be so divisive? Find out how the crustacean caused one of the wildest fights we've seen in Bachelor Nation history.

By Alyssa Ray Feb 01, 2022 3:00 AMTags

Even for The Bachelor, this Shrimp-Gate drama was overkrill.

The Jan. 31 episode of The Bachelor featured one of the most ridiculous fights we've ever seen on the show, as resident villain Shanae Ankney continued to make bullying accusations over a declined plate of shrimp. Confused? Here's the short version of the drama: Shanae told Clayton that Elizabeth Corrigan had been bullying her. The evidence? The women ignored her when she offered up a shellfish snack because they were with Elizabeth.

Since Bachelor Clayton Echard couldn't escape this fishy situation, he was forced to address the drama ahead of the cocktail party. Of course, very little was resolved, since Elizabeth denied Shanae's bullying allegations and Shanae shot down Elizabeth's claims that she was making up drama. Understandably, the women in the other room were seething as, once again, they didn't get to spend time with Clayton since he had to mediate unnecessary drama.

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"I lost brain cells because I listened to Shrimp-Gate," Jill told the Bachelor camera. "Shanae walking in with the plate of f--king shrimp, that's a joke. Like, are you kidding me?"

Same, Jill. Same.

What came next was a face-off that made Peter Weber's Champagne-Gate look like a tea party. Specifically, Genevieve lost it on Shanae after the 29-year-old recruiter wouldn't acknowledge that she was stirring the pot.

"That's the thing, 'cause you're not talking about it because you know you're wrong," Genevieve snapped, "and everyone knows that."

Genevieve demanded that Shanae share examples of how Elizabeth was a liar. Shanae's only answer? That Elizabeth said she wasn't in the hot tub when the shrimp offer happened.

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

At this point, Genevieve had had enough, letting out a frustrated sound while saying something about shrimp. "These are people's feelings," she added. "And this is so f--king unfair."

While Shanae doubled down on the Shrimp-Gate drama, Genevieve shouted back, "Oh my god, this is about Elizabeth being in the f--king hot tub not wanting f--king shrimp. What am I not getting?"

No you got it, Genevieve, it's as ridiculous as it sounds.

Eventually, host Jesse Palmer intervened and announced that Clayton had wisely (our words, not Jesse's) chosen to skip the cocktail party and head right into the rose ceremony.

Shockingly, Clayton chose to keep Shanae over Elizabeth, cementing Shanae's place as the season 26 villain. Later in the episode, some of the women gathered together to plot how they could send Shanae home.

Shanae, who overheard the conversation, simply stated, "Watch out."

Watch out, indeed, as Shanae went on to crash a group date she was not invited to. During this unplanned visit, Clayton confronted Shanae with the claims the other women had made against her. But, in typical Shanae fashion, she talked her way out of it and got kissed on top of a bar.

"It's the Shanae Show, not The Bachelor," she victoriously declared.

Will Shanae's winning streak last the rest of the season? Find out as the season continues to air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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