Alexa Demie Didn’t Know She Broke Sydney Sweeney’s Toe—Until This Late-Night Interview

It's no surprise that behind-the-scenes secrets are revealed after a show has wrapped, but for Euphoria's Alexa Demie, finding out that she caused injury to Sydney Sweeney has to be a shock.

By Kisha Forde Jan 28, 2022 2:28 PMTags
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Break a leg toe.
Along with her Euphoria co-stars, Sydney Sweeney (who plays Cassie in the teen drama) has been busy celebrating the show's successful first and currently airing second season.
However, if you're wondering just how the cast celebrated such an epic debut on HBO Max, as Sydney explained during the Jan. 26 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, she missed some of the wrap party due to a medical emergency, unknowingly inflicted by co-star Alexa Demie.
"Well, my toe got stepped on during filming and it just exploded," Sydney told James Corden. "So, I ended up at the ER."
But fear not, the actress was able to make it to the celebrations after all. As she explained, "And then I showed up, and I was high on morphine. They [the cast] were like, ‘We have never seen you like this before.' I'm like, ‘Nor has my toe.'"

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After Sydney played coy on who it was exactly that caused the accidental injury, James was able to guess her co-star correctly—which led to the revelation that Alexa actually has no idea it had happened, until now. The hilarious exchange between the late show host and actress went like this:

Once Sydney confirmed Alexa was the culprit, she added, "Unfortunately, and it was fractured in three places."
James: "Did she know she fractured your toe?"
Sydney: "No, I didn't tell her, I'm so sorry, Alexa."
James: "This is how she's finding out?"
Sydney: "I'm so sorry!"

But, as season two viewers may have already guessed, Sydney is A-OK and walking the halls of East Highland High just fine. "I'm okay now, Durt is going to fall off," she said, revealing the nickname she has for her beloved—and maybe soon-to-be-gone toenail. "I've named him, it's Durt. D-U-R-T…I've named him because he's gonna fall off one day, and I just ask him, please don't."
But before parting ways, Sydney had one last message for her co-star amid her impromptu on-air revelation: "Alexa, don't hate me!"