Hear Jerry Springer's Take on the Kim Kardashian and Kanye "Ye" West Drama

By Allison Crist Jan 27, 2022 9:02 PMTags

Judge Jerry is presiding over the KimYe case.

The courtroom? E! News' Daily Pop, where TV veteran Jerry Springer stopped by on Thursday, Jan. 27 and gave his take on the former couple's latest drama. 

More specifically, in honor of the upcoming season of Judge Jerry, E!'s Justin Sylvester and Daily Pop guest host Loni Love wanted to know if he could analyze the recent allegations Kanye West—who legally changed his name to Ye—made about being barred from entering Kim Kardashian's home, where he used to live, when dropping their kids off from school.

From a legal perspective, "He has the right to see the kids," Jerry exclusively explained. "Whether or not it's the house...you would have to know details about where that's going to take place."

He continued, "But obviously, a father has—banning any abuse or anything like that—of course, yeah, he has every right to see the kids."

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After a few questions from the jury—err, Justin and Loni—Jerry clarified that on the other hand, "you don't have a legal right to walk into someone else's house that isn't yours." 

"If it's not his house and, you know, they're divorced or whatever, then, of course, he doesn't have the right to walk in," Jerry added.

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The real-life situation is naturally more complicated, though. 

As Ye explained in a Hollywood Unlocked interview, "When I went to go pick my kids up from school, the security stopped me at the gate. So at that point, security was in between me and my children. I just chilled, took my kids to school, and then took my kids back. I am driving. I bring them back and North was like, 'I want you to come upstairs and see something.'"

Ye continued, "And it's like, 'Oh, Daddy can't come see something. Daddy can't come inside.' But that hadn't been defined...I was like, I am the richest Black man and North's father, right, and the security was able to stop me from going into the room with my daughter and that had not been defined."

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After Ye's interview aired, a source close to the situation told E! News that Kim has simply "set boundaries." 

"It's her house," the insider added. "Kanye can't just come over unannounced and that's what happened. He did come over and security didn't let him in. It's up to him to see the kids, and he is always allowed to see the kids. He can see them when he wants."

Thankfully, Jerry won't have to make any legally-binding declarations in the former couple's case—the same can't be said for those on Judge Jerry, though! 

"I can joke around a bit as I do, but in the end, the case is legally binding," Jerry explained on Daily Pop." So I have to be serious about whatever decision I make because it affects these people's lives, it affects their wallets."

"So I try to, you know, take that part of the job seriously," he added. "The rest of the time I just joke around."

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