Which Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Couples Are Still Together? They Say…

Been dying to know which formerly commitment-phobic couples are still together? We've got you covered. Read on to see if your favorites are still dating.

By Jillian Fabiano Jan 29, 2022 8:00 AMTags

Warning: contains spoilers.

Honestly, this update is too sad to handle. 

After lots of sexual frustration, season three of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle has come to an end and the winners been chosen. On the finale episode, which premiered on Jan. 26, Harry and Beaux were crowned the winners of the series and took home $90,000. Nathan was runner-up, and Georgia came in third.

"I cannot believe this," Beaux said after Lana, the Alexa-like device that watches over the couples, announced that she had won. "We went from nothing, to being in love," Harry added.

And there were no hard feelings. "Couldn't be happier for Harry and Beaux, they definitely deserved it," Nathan shared. "If I could've voted, I would've voted for them." 

At the end of the show, multiple couples left hand–in–hand, including Holly and Nathan, Izzy and Jackson and Holly and Beaux. So now the question is, who's still together?

Well, wE! have the answer, but spoiler alert for hopeless romantics: You may not like it. 

Too Hot to Handle: Season 3 Cast

In a video posted to the series' Instagram page on Jan. 26, the couples shared their relationship statuses. 

Scroll through to see which couples are still together and which are not

Patrick and Georgia

In a video on Too Hot to Handle's Instagram page on Jan. 26, Patrick noted that he is indeed single. Though the two have "kept in close contact" and "have talked," they are "just friends." 

Patrick also made sure to mention that he is "on the market," so ladies, do your thing. 

Holly and Nathan

Holly says that they remain "really, really close" and that she loves her relationship with Nathan, but they are not officially together.

"There's a couple of factors that went to play, and I think one of them, for example, was Covid," Holly said in an Instagram post. "But especially during a pandemic is not easy at all." 

Izzy and Jackson

This couple seems like they have a bit of a "friends with benefits" situation going on. "Me and Izz are both still single," Jackson revealed. "We hang out and we want to look to hang out a bit more." 

He continued, "I feel like if we were to go out, on a night out, this sounds awful but, we'd either sleep with each other or help each other sleep with someone else. We have that kind of relationship."

Harry and Beaux

Sorry, everyone, this one may sting a little. 

Harry and Beaux have officially called it quits. "Our relationship status now is single," Harry said in the video. "But we do talk every day."

And before you get too upset, all hope might not be lost. He continued, "Who knows what could happen?" 

"Never say never," Beaux added. 

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