Sydney Sweeney Is Secretly a Car Mechanic and More Celebs With Hidden Talents

Cassie is a mechanic! Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has been bringing fans along as she fixes up her "dream car," a 1969 Ford Bronco. Plus, Vin Diesel, Kesha and more stars reveal hidden skills.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jan 25, 2022 11:25 PMTags

Sydney Sweeney isn't pumping the brakes on her acting career, but she is revealing a hidden talent. 

Call it a side hustle or a hobby, but the Euphoria actress has been sharing her journey fixing up her "dream car"—a 1969 Ford Bronco—with 650,000 fans on TikTok. 

Over the past year, Sydney has been fixing up the vintage vehicle and bringing followers along for the ride on her side account @syds_garage.

She recently told MTV, "It also was really fun in the beginning where a lot of people commented, 'Wait, she looks like that girl from Euphoria.' And I was like, 'Yeah.'"

Sydney, 24, has made a lot of progress since then, sharing in October that the car officially runs. She explained, "Ran into bumps along the way with the transmission, but finally got the right valve and she's good! Now to start the fun stuff - interior!"

Her latest update came on Jan. 14, when she announced that the car is "finally driveable." She added, "sending her off to get reupholstered this weekend." 

Euphoria's Most Talked About Moments

That's not even Sydney's only secret skill. She's also a trained mixed martial arts fighter, telling Kelly Clarkson last year, "My mom and my dad would tell me to try and fall in love with as many things as possible." She said she got "very into" fighting and trained with Ronda Rousey's MMA Sensei. NBD!

Below, see more stars with hidden talents, including Harrison Ford, Leslie Mann and Nick Offerman.

Sydney Sweeney

She's not just Cassie on Euphoria. Sweeney is also an accomplished car mechanic, revealing that she got a 1969 Ford Bronco and started creating TikTok videos to show her progress fixing up the car. 

Christopher Walken

We all know the multifaceted actor is talented—he sings, he dances, etc.—but did you know he worked as a lion tamer in the circus when he was a teenager? "It was a female named Sheba," he recalled to Vanity Fair, "and she was very sweet. Like a dog, really." 

Colin Farrell

The Irish actor used to be a line dancer—but not the River Dance kind. He was actually a member of a line-dancing group that wore all denim and cowboy hats, country-western style. 

Chevy Chase

The funnyman is actually quite serious about music. He played a few gigs with future Steely Dan guys Donald Fagen and Walter Becker in a band called The Leather Canary, with Chase on drums, and then turned his attention to jazz piano.

Matthew Morrison

The Glee alum dealt with a lot during his time as Mr. Schu, but in real life the star of stage and screen delivered two babies when he was 18 when his dad, a midwife, had him along for "Take Your Kid to Work Day." 

Christina Hendricks

She can do more than just act—that really was her playing the accordion on Mad Men.

Michael Jackson

A true artist in every sense, the King of Pop spent a lot of his free time sketching chairs, but not just any chairs—he specifically drew chairs with faces because...why not?

Flavor Flav

His giant clock isn't the only thing that makes him interesting. The Public Enemy rapper is also a multi-instrument musician who taught himself how to play piano, guitar, saxophone, trombone and French horn. 

Vin Diesel

The Fast & Furious star doesn't spend all his time working out. He also designs video games, which he got the idea for after playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years.

Rod Stewart

When he's not singing, the famous crooner spends his time building miniature train sets. He has an entire floor of his home filled with miniature railroad models depicting New York and Pennsylvania's railroad lines.


The Animal artist is quite the crafter, famously asking fans to send any spare teeth they might have to her for an art project while she was in rehab.

Harrison Ford

The Star Wars icon is also an experienced airplane and helicopter pilot who has helped deliver supplies to Haiti and has helped out on rescue missions in the United States.

Johnny Cash

In addition to being a country music legend, the Man in Black worked as a Morse Code Intercept Operator for the U.S. Air Force in the early years of the Cold War.

Jason Lee

The actor is also a professional skateboarder, rumored to have perfected (and possibly invented) the 360 flip!

Seth Meyers

The Late Night hostdoesn't just write jokes—he also co-wrote a Spider-Man comics spin-off titled "The Short Halloween" with Bill Hader.

Leslie Mann

The Funny People actress has been able to ride a unicycle since getting one as a Christmas present when she was 10.

Nick Offerman

The Parks and Rec funnyman is known for being a tough guy on and off the show—and he is as into woodworking as his famous character, Ron Swanson. In fact, Offerman took wood from the set and made canoe paddles for his cast mates when the sitcom was coming to an end.

Clint Eastwood

The Oscar-winning director and jazz aficionado is also a prolific composer—he scored six of his own movies, including Million Dollar Baby and J. Edgar, as well as the 2007 drama Grace Is Gone.