Did Cassidy Deserve to Be Sent Home on The Bachelor? Vote Now!

At the start of the Jan. 24 episode of The Bachelor, Clayton Echard sent home Cassidy Timbrooks for having a "friend with benefits" back home. Was that fair? You tell us.

By Alyssa Ray Jan 25, 2022 3:00 AMTags

Cassidy Timbrooks has been evicted from the Bachelor mansion.

During the Jan. 24 episode of The Bachelor, leading man Clayton Echard confronted the 26-year-old executive assistant over claims she had a "friend with benefits" waiting for her back home. This sit-down was particularly complicated, as Clayton had already given Cassidy a rose following last episode's group date.

At first, Cassidy denied being romantic with anyone, saying, "I haven't had any relationship of any kind since the summer of 2019."

Of course, this contradicted what Cassidy told some of the women in the house, which Clayton mentioned to her. Backtracking slightly, Cassidy said that she spoke with a male friend prior to arriving at the mansion, adding, "I had no interest in resuming that relationship because I knew it wasn't going anywhere."

While Cassidy admitted that she had slept with this person a few times, she assured Clayton she only had eyes for him. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles resident, the trust had been broken for Clayton, resulting in his revoking her rose and sending her packing.

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Now if we're just going off the "friend with benefits" reason, we aren't entirely sure that it was fair of Clayton to eliminate Cassidy. For starters, the only footage of the conversation that we saw was Cassidy admitting that a former fling hit her up before she left for the show. Was she kind of bragging about it? Sure. But who doesn't gossip about their exes trying to crawl back. We know we do.

Not to mention, it's kind of hypocritical to think that this woman doesn't have options when she's literally competing with a group of women for Clayton's attention. So she has a backup plan, who cares?

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The truth is, the "friend with benefits" claim wasn't the only red flag facing Cassidy, as many of the women accused the contestant of being there for the wrong reasons, and not really playing fair.

"I feel like some of this is a game for her," Kira told the other women. "Like, a game that she wants to win."

Before long, the other women pile on, with accusations that Cassidy was just there to get followers. For example, one contestant said that Cassidy asked what her exit interview would be, proving that she was thinking about her edit on the show. Not a great look, Cassidy. Not a great look.

So, considering all of the above, where do you stand in this debate? Cast your vote below on whether Cassidy deserved to be sent home.


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