Naomi Osaka Shares Rare Look Inside Her Relationship With Boyfriend Cordae

Olympic tennis player Naomi Osaka's sweet tribute to her boyfriend Cordae after the release of his new album is a grand slam. Read it below.

By Emlyn Travis Jan 14, 2022 10:04 PMTags
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Naomi Osaka is serving up nothing but love for her boyfriend Cordae

While the couple has preferred to keep their relationship private over the last three years, the Olympic tennis player broke the mold on Friday, Jan. 14, by congratulating her boyfriend on the release of his second album, titled From a Birds Eye View, in an extra adorable tribute to him on Instagram.

Sharing an image of the couple cuddled together on a couch, as well as the Grammy-nominated rapper's latest album cover, the sports star shared how proud she was of her boyfriend, writing, "Getting closer to someone and seeing how much love and dedication they put into their craft is truly inspiring." 

Naomi continued, "Makes you feel like some people are born to do certain things, @cordae you're a star and a light, quite literally brighten up every room you walk in (or maybe it's your hair lol). Congratulations on your 2nd album, proud of you [heart emoji]." 

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In the post's comments, Cordae showed his gratitude for his girlfriend's love and support. "My MUHF--KIN LADY !!!! I LOVE U 2 DEATH !!" He wrote, "U TRULY MY RIDE OR DIE BONNIE AND CLYDE JUST WAY MORE FLY." 


In a February 2021 interview with GQ, the couple opened up about their decision to keep their relationship out of the public eye. 

"We were dating for almost a year before people knew about us. So we kind of move very reclusively," Cordae told the outlet. "We don't really post intimate moments, because I feel as though they're sacred. A relationship is really a sacred thing. Once you let outside influences get into it, it becomes less sacred." 

Describing Cordae as "quite a romantic dude," Naomi explained that his support was pivotal to her success during the 2020 U.S. Open when she was unable to bring her family with her due to quarantine restrictions.

"During the whole New York thing and with everything that was going on, I started to feel really depressed. Sometimes I would call Cordae, and maybe in some of the calls I would cry. I don't remember," she explained. "And he flew out, even though he was really busy. I really appreciated that. I'm not sure if I've told him that. I feel like he actually really helped me win just, like, keeping up the motivation."