Megan Fox Rose Boy Feels Thorns Again

Heartless hottie or just plain busy? Foxy's second rendezvous with flowery Brit fanboy also wilts

By Jefferson Reid Jun 28, 2009 3:30 PMTags
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The 11-year-old Brit boy who earned mad tabloid coverage when he was tragically snubbed when offering Megan Fox a rose after the London premiere of the new Transformers flick got a second chance. Why not? Megan apologized, after all. The New York Post reports that Kodak, seeking a Kodak moment photo op (wouldn't you just know?), flew young Harvey Kindlon to New York Friday in hopes of meeting Foxy at the Today Show, where she was scheduled to be pimping her box-office-devouring robot-porn action movie.

But sadly, Harvey's projected brush with fame once again ended in a brush-off with fame after Michael Jackson's death bumped Megan from Today and she hightailed it back to Los Angeles. If it's any consolation to the kid, we're betting he's not the first guy to get blown off more than once by Megan. Hang in there, Harvey, maybe the third time's the charm.