How I Met Your Father Star Francia Raísa Explains What Makes Sequel Unique to the Original

This sequel is going to be legend–wait for it–dary. Francia Raísa explains the ways Hulu's How I Met Your Father is its own show ahead of the Jan. 18 premiere.

By Jillian Fabiano Jan 18, 2022 2:00 PMTags

Grab a drink and get settled into the couch, we have another long story to listen to! 

How I Met Your Mother sequel, How I Met Your Father, starring Hilary Duff, Kim Cattrall and Josh Peck, is finally here! But ahead of its Jan. 18 premiere on Hulu, Francia Raísa (Valentina), Tom Ainsley (Charlie) and Suraj Sharma (Sid) sat down with E! News to discuss all things HIMYF, including what makes it different from the original series and whether or not they know who the father is.

"I have asked, and I've pried, but they won't tell me," Francia confessed about whether she knows who the titular dad is.

And Tom, who plays Francia's on-screen love interest, is in the same boat. "I'm the person that doesn't get told anything," he said. "Because they know that I'll blab. Francia is desperate to find out, but they especially won't tell me."

Everything We Know About How I Met Your Father

As for how the new show stacks up to the original series, they say the shows are completely different.

Sid, who was a "fan" of the original and says it was the "first sitcom he ever watched," explained that the writers weren't trying to "make How I Met Your Mother," they were trying to make it their "own thing."

"Honestly, I really think it's its own," Francia added. "Now it's from a female perspective. What I love is these females are their own women, that are inspired with their careers. Yes, love is a big part but what I love about Sophie (Hilary) is she's not willing to change herself too much for anyone else, and if she does, she's quick to come back. And I love the friendship between them."

She continued, "So I think it's very different. I think there's nuggets that we drop in, but it's not too similar."

Patrick Wymore/Hulu

And while it may not be all about love for Sophie, Francia says she had a crush on one of the OG cast members.

"I had a crush on Jason Segel," she revealed. "But if he came to set, I think I would run away."

"I thought I saw him on set," Tom added. "And I told everyone that I had just seen him, and everyone was scrambling, and it turns out it was just a random guy. "And I hid," Francia recalled. "I was like, no, no, no, no, no."

Looks like Lily—the wife of Jason's character, Marshall, played by Alyson Hannigan—may have some competition with Valentina! 

2022 TV Premiere Dates

The story of how Sophie meets her son's father begins on Jan. 18 when How I Met Your Father premieres on Hulu.

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