Untangling the Drama Surrounding the Magnolia Network Series Home Work

The Magnolia Network announced that they are moving forward with the series Home Work despite the couple behind the show facing multiple complaints of poor work.

By Cydney Contreras Jan 14, 2022 6:23 PMTags
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Setbacks happen all the time with renovations and just weeks into their TV launch, the Magnolia Network found itself facing quite the snarl.

In early January, multiple homeowners who participated in the series Home Work—which premiered on the network Jan. 7—came forward to accuse Candis and Andy Meredith of renovations that fell short of expectations.

In interviews with Today, three pairs spoke about their alleged experiences with the Merediths in 2019, including couple Vienna and Robert Goates, who said they began working with the Merediths after responding to a casting call for Home Work. "They said they would be able to do more with our budget than what we would normally be able to do because it was supposed to look good for our budget, so we were like ‘Oh my gosh,'" Vienna stated, later adding, "We had a lot of questions and we had talked to some other contractors and professionals, and we would ask these questions: 'Can you really do it in that timeline? Can you really do that budget?'"

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The project ended up taking more time than anticipated and went "tens of thousands of dollars over" the initial plan. And though the Goates understood that the coronavirus pandemic and other challenges posed limitations, they ended up pulling the plug on the project in September 2020. Vienna said of the decision, "We were ready to be done."

Vienna said she told Candis about their decision and the Home Work hosts promised they would return the $50,000 the couple initially paid but the Goates have yet to recuperate their money even after they hired an attorney, who created a payment plan for the Merediths.

Today cited a judgement, signed by Candis Meredith, that confirmed that as of Sept. 30, 2021, the Merediths owed the Goates family $39,537.94.

Candis confirmed to Today that she and her husband had worked with these families on their home renovations and "mistakes were made," but stated they "never intended to hurt anybody." (E! News reached out to the Merediths for comment, but have not heard back.)

Still, on Jan. 7, the Magnolia Network pulled the series so they could review the complaints.

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Following the announcement, the Merediths tearfully spoke out on Instagram, writing that they wish to provide "more context to a one-sided narrative."

"We adamantly deny that we have ever stolen money from these clients, we haven't defrauded 'so many families,'" the pair said in their written statement, adding that they worked with licensed general contractors. "It is true that we are sometimes left with outstanding balances, but we always pay, even if it takes some time for us to make arrangements. To say anything otherwise is truly not ok."

The couple added that general contractors allegedly "misallocated" funds but declined to name who they worked with, explaining, "We can't fully defend anything without taking down so many others and ruining their livelihood."

"We also have 'receipts' of things that have happened, working with general contractors can be so challenging and we have tried to carry as much of that burden from anyone we have consulted with at great personal cost to us financially, mentally and physically," the Merediths continued, later claiming they "have not made a single penny from the hundreds and hundreds of hours we have invested in [clients'] projects."

Though now they have a chance to rebuild.

In a Jan. 14 statement, Magnolia Network President Allison Page confirmed the show will continue to air on the network, explaining in a statement issued Friday, Jan. 14, "Magnolia Network is dedicated to sharing hopeful and genuine stories. In doing that, we strive to meet people with compassion and to cautiously approach difficult moments with honest understanding."

"After speaking with homeowners as well as Candis and Andy Meredith regarding renovation projects for Home Work, and hearing a mix of both positive and negative experiences, we do not believe there was ill or malicious intent," she continued. "Our commitment now is to provide appropriate resolutions for those whose experience with Home Work fell short of our network's standards."


Moving forward, she acknowledged the network "can better support not only our talent, but those who put their trust in them and this brand."

And though multiple clients were disappointed by their experience with the Merediths, at least one is still living for her renovation.

"Many of you know that I had to wait longer than I would have liked for my reading cottage to get finished, but ultimately I love what they did and would have done it all over again (even knowing how long it would take)," Home Work participant Jeana Quigley wrote on Instagram. "This little space brings me so much joy! But I don't like people being canceled (however, I admit they did get in a little in over their heads). I don't think their intentions were to hurt or steal from anyone, but they simply couldn't take on all the projects they were trying to. I was able to wait and did get what I'd hoped for all along as the design turned out beautiful."

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