Meet Jon Tenney, Sarah Jessica Parker's New Love Interest on And Just Like That...

In the Jan. 13 episode of And Just Like That..., Carrie Bradshaw decided she was ready to start dating again. Enter Jon Tenney, the actor playing the new man in Carrie's life.

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Warning: The below contains spoilers for And Just Like That...'s seventh episode.

And Just Like That...Carrie Bradshaw is ready to start dating again.

The Jan. 13 episode kicked off with a time lapse, showing Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) dutifully writing her new book about becoming a widow. Though her editor couldn't get enough of the serious story, she reminded Carrie that her readers also expect light and laughter from her. And so, the editor suggested that Carrie start dating again, allowing her book to have a more hopeful ending.

With the help of Seema (Sarita Choudhury), who created a dating profile for the widowed writer, Carrie found herself on a date with widower teacher Peter (Jon Tenney). Because this was both their first dates since their respective spouses died, Carrie and Peter drank quite a bit, resulting in a scene we never need to see again. (We'll spare you the details—just think about your last hangover.)

Though Carrie had written off dating after this encounter, Peter redeemed himself during an oh-so-awkward auction at Charlotte's (Kristin Davis) kids' school. Specifically, he swooped in and bid on a date with Carrie when no one else would.

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"Well, we should go out again," he noted after the pair recapped their disastrous date. "We have so much to discuss. Like, how did I get home? Did we even pay for those drinks?"

Carrie quipped in response, "Oh, we paid."

This charming back-and-forth inspired Carrie to give Peter another shot, agreeing to another date. Since we won't get to know more about Peter until a new episode drops, let's get acquainted with the actor who plays him.

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1. He Studied at The Juilliard School

Yep, Tenney has been trained by some of the best, as he attended the prominent acting school between 1986 and 1990. Before attending Juilliard, Tenney received his bachelor's degree from Vassar College, where he studied drama and philosophy.  

2. He Played Special Agent Fritz Howard in The Closer

Between 2005 and 2012, Tenney starred opposite Kyra Sedgwick in TNT's critically acclaimed drama. Tenney and his Closer castmates were nominated five times for the SAG Awards' Best Ensemble in a Drama Series category.

Tenney also played Agent Howard in the Closer spin-off, Major Crimes.

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3. A Scandalous Role

You may also recognize Tenney from his work on Scandal, on which he played Andrew Nichols. His character on the Shonda Rhimes-created political drama is best known for having an affair with Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and for orchestrating the kidnapping of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).

4. His Connection to Wisteria Lane

Between 1994 and 2003, Tenney was married to Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher. They share one child together, daughter Emerson Rose Tenney. In 2012, Tenney remarried film producer and theatre executive Leslie Urdang.


5. He's Also a Director

According to Tenney's IMDB page, he directed several episodes of Major Crimes and one episode of The Closer.

New episodes of And Just Like That... arrive Thursdays on HBO Max.

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