These Emily in Paris Secrets Will Have You Saying "Mon Dieu"

Excusez-moi, we have some secrets about Netflix's Emily in Paris you're going to want to hear. Check them out here!

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Pardon our French, but we are surprised AF by this list.

Though it may not be a secret that Emily in Paris is back for season two, there are plenty of secrets behind the hit Netflix series. Season two of the show, starring Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, and Camille Razat arrived from Savoir PR straight to our small screens on Dec. 22 with new outfits, new vacation spots and new eye candy. And now, we're uncovering some of the major secrets behind the show we all know and love. Which, not to mention, has been renewed for a season three and four

From the fact that Lucas used to work as a chef before starring as Gabriel to the only reason Mindy sings in the series is because Ashley is a talented singer, there's a lot to learn about our favorite Parisian-based binge. Plus, scroll to find out what happened with the iconic staircase of Gabriel and Emily's apartment in the second season.

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Scroll through to find out secrets more shocking than finding out Sylvie is married to Laurent G (Arnaud Binard).


The Only Reason Mindy Sings Is Because Ashley Park Can

According to Elite Daily, Mindy wasn't going to be a singer until Ashley Park took the role. After Ashley, who was nominated for a Tony Award in 2018 after originating the role of Gretchen Wieners in the musical adaptation of Mean Girls, decided to play Mindy, she said the creator of the series, Darren Star, asked if she would mind singing in the show. 

"He asked, 'As we're writing the rest of the series, would you be OK if Mindy sang?'" Ashley explained. "He saw me in Mean Girls on Broadway, twice he says. And he was like, 'How could we not include singing for you?' And of course I was so excited."

Lucas Bravo Used to Work as a Chef

All of that fancy knife technique isn't just for show! In an interview, Lucas Bravo told Entertainment Weekly that he used to work as a chef. "A few years ago, I was working in this bar and one of the sous chefs left," Lucas explained. "I told them, 'I don't think I can learn anything more at the bar. Can I assist you?' And he accepted. So for two months, I was basically a sous chef and I had a blast. It was an open kitchen so customers could see us, but it was a lot of fun."


Ashley Park and Lily Collins are Best Friends IRL

In an interview with Glamour UK, Lily revealed that Ashley and herself are real life besties. "It's such an amazing experience to meet someone as an adult, when you're an adult, and gravitate towards them so strongly," Lily said about Ashley. "Like a friendship soulmate."

She continued, "Ashley makes me not question and doubt who I am." We couldn't love this pair more if we tried! 

Sex and the City and Emily in Paris Have the Same Costume Designer

There's a reason why Carrie Bradshaw and Emily Cooper are both fashion icons, Patricia Field styled them! Though she did not return for the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That..., Patricia worked as the costume designer on SATC for all six seasons and for both films. 

Lily Collins Made Emily a SATC Fan

In a 2020 interview with E! News, Lily Collins revealed that she believes Emily is a fan of Sex and the City. "I think that Emily, like myself, grew up watching Sex and the City," she said. "I think she really loved Carrie Bradshaw as well as the other characters and probably had like pictures saved of what Carrie wore at certain times, when she was traveling, or different attitudes or attributes that Carrie had."

She continued, "I think they both love what they do. They both love to work and very much incorporate those life experiences into their work."

Emily's Mackinac Island Story Doesn't Add Up

In season two, episode six, being the Michigan-native that she is, Emily says that, when she was younger, she went on a Vespa fudge tour with her mom around Mackinac Island. 

The thing is, vespas aren't allowed on Mackinac Island. According to Michigan's state website, on the island, people are "limited to transportation of horse and buggy, bicycle or foot."

Ashley Had a Wardrobe Malfunction on Set

In an interview with Elite Daily, Ashley Park shared that while she was wearing a white latex dress on set, she had a wardrobe mishap. "We were filming all night—oh my gosh, this is the opposite of the glam world—I remember getting up, and because it was so cold and then warm and all this stuff, my latex dress just split," she said. "And we had one more shot to film, so I couldn't have a split dress. I remember Lily's dressers and my dressers just trying to duct tape it from the inside, and we were like, 'This is quite funny.'"

The Production Designer Rebuilt the Apartment Staircase

When the cast returned for season two of the series, the production designer Anne Seibel told E! News in an interview that she had to rebuild the iconic staircase in Emily and Gabriel's apartment building. "When we came there, I said, 'My god, they repainted the whole thing inside,'" she shared. "They must have made money on us."

As a solution, Anne says she "built the stairs." She explained, "I gave more stairs for the apartment to shoot in. It was fun for me."


Chopard and Dior Asked for Product Placement in Season Two

According to Forbes, Chopard, Rimowa and Dior for Vespa had products written into the storyline for product placement. In an interview, Karen Duffy, the co-founder of wilyfoXX, a female-founded boutique agency focused on marketing, communication and business development, explained that "brands can own whole episodes as featured players like Rimowa in Emily in Paris season two."

Kim Cattrall Cameo Hopes

After Kim Cattrall made a surprise red carpet appearance at the season three premiere of Emily in Paris, many began wondering if the Sex and the City alum would cameo in comedy. (Both SATC and EiP are created by Darren Star.)

Lily Collins revealed to E! News that the cast is in the dark, noting, "She's such a big supporter, and we're so grateful for that. We've been asked that question. We were like, 'Darren? Does anyone know anything?' We don't know."

Pigeon Co-Star

During a Dec. 15 appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Lily Collins revealed that she filmed with professional pigeons for season three. "Pigeons are some of the hardest cast to wrangle and they're the most expensive," she shared. "They come with wranglers. And there are multiple kinds of pigeons, there are the trained flight pigeons and there are the wild pigeons."

Per Lily, she worked with both, but the trained pigeons refused to travel through the "clear flight plan."

She added, "What they used in the show was real-life moments of them going rogue."

Emily in Paris season two is now available on Netflix.

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