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For the next three months or so, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be spending a lot of time with each other as they crisscross the country on the American Idol tour.

It's no wonder that the two say we shouldn't be surprised if, in the end, they decide to record a song together.

"It could happen," Lambert told me Friday during my exclusive sit-down with him and Allen. "Maybe we'll write a song on the road."

Allen smiled, "We have to figure it out, but yeah, we should do it."

No surprise that the American Idol winner and runner-up have become as tight as any two best friends could be. So just how close are they?

They both laugh when I ask Allen if Lambert is his "closest gay."

"As much time as we spend together, I would probably say so," Allen said.

And it works both ways. "He's definitely becoming my closest straight," Lambert said. "That's something I am trying to get across—that it doesn't frickin' matter. Just like when people were dealing with race relations. The moment we started getting over it as a society was the moment we stopped paying attention to the differences and paid attention to the similarities."

He continued, "People get so scared and uncomfortable with the ways in which they are different. I think it's a testament to Kris that he's completely comfortable in his own skin, comfortable with his sexuality. He's a straight man, he's married and it's not threatening for him to be friends with a gay guy."

Or, as the more reserved Allen put it, "That's what's wrong with the world. Why can't everyone just get along?"

Adam lambert, Drake LaBry

Josephine Santos,

As talkative as Lambert is, he remains pretty much tight-lipped on matters of the heart.

"I do not have a boyfriend," he said when I ask about the much-speculated-about relationship he has with interior designer and artist Drake LaBry. "I know everybody wants to know, but that is the one area that I kind of want to keep out of the press: my personal love life, especially out of respect to the other person."

But then, a few minutes later, Lambert looked at me and said, "OK, let me set the record straight with you on the boyfriend thing—Yes, Drake and I are dating. You can say that."

Now back to show business. Is Lambert itching to get back to acting like he did in his pre-Idol theater days?

Not exactly.

"I think I'm a little bit over it because I spent so much time as a kid in theater," he said. "I had my love affair with musical theater and now I'm like, 'Give me something edgier, give me something a little grittier, a little bit sexier and not so safe.'"

Allen, on the other hand, wants absolutely nothing to do with acting. "I don't think so, man," he said. "I don't think anyone would ask me to. I did those Ford commercials and it was hell."

(The 50-city American Idol summer tour kicks off July 5 in Portland, Ore.)


P.S. Wanna know what Lambert and Allen had to say about Michael Jackson? Make sure to check out my story from Friday to find out.

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