Raise a Glass to Ina Garten’s “Easier” Version of Reese Witherspoon’s Life Goals

After Reese Witherspoon recently listed four healthy habits that are improving her daily life, Ina Garten shared a delicious step-by-step recipe of her own in response. And yes, cosmos are involved.

By Kisha Forde Jan 11, 2022 7:51 PMTags

Reese Witherspoon may have an impressive list of goals, but fans are also toasting to Ina Garten's version her daily self-care rituals.
The Legally Blonde star recently shared the small list of goals she's currently working toward for self-improvement. "Let's talk about habits!" Reese captioned an Instagram video of herself on Jan. 10. "Are there any that have improved your daily life? Here are some I'm working towards: 1. Start the day with a big glass of water 2. Get 10 minutes of outdoor light. [Stanford neuroscience professor Andrew Huberman] recommends morning light. 3. Spend 30-60 mins reading without distraction every day. 4. In bed by 10pm. *no late-night TV binges. Try to get 8 hours of rest!"

And while Reese received plenty of feedback from followers about her commendable list, Ina decided to enter the chat with a few steps her own, writing in response, "To quote Reese Witherspoon, that sounds great but I'm probably not doing any of those things! LOL!!"

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Instead, the Barefoot Contessa's list included, "1. Drink more large cosmos 2. Stay up late watching addictive streaming series, 3. Stay in bed in the morning playing Sudoku instead of reading a good book. 4. Spend more time (safely) with people you love. In a pandemic, I do what I can! [heart emojis]."

To be fair, both lists are things we can (and probably should) easily get behind.

Most fans following the Food Network star won't be all too surprised to see a "large cosmo" sitting right at the top of her very relatable list. After all, in April 2020, Ina became a viral sensation after she whipped up an enormous cosmopolitan cocktail in an effort to share a little magic at the start the coronavirus pandemic.

"During these stressful times, it's really important to keep traditions alive," she said during her Instagram video showcasing her drink recipe. "My favorite tradition is the cocktail hour."

More than a year later, Ina's advice still applies. As she noted, "During a crisis, you know, cocktail hour can be almost any hour."

And, it can be added to any healthy-habits list, too!