Billie Eilish Defends Charlie Puth After Benny Blanco Calls Him a "F--king Loser"

After months of Benny Blanco targeting Charlie Puth on TikTok, Billie Eilish entered the chat and issued a video response you're going to want to see.

By Elyse Dupre Jan 10, 2022 8:28 PMTags
Watch: Billie Eilish Defends Charlie Puth After MAJOR Benny Blanco Diss

Billie Eilish has a few words for Benny Blanco after seeing his TikTok about Charlie Puth.

For months now, Blanco, a.k.a. Benjamin Levin, has been posting videos targeting Puth, making fun of his voice and telling him to "Shut the f--k up Charlie." After a while, the 30-year-old singer, songwriter and producer decided he "finally had to say something."

"You know, man, these videos were really funny at first," Puth said in a November video. "I don't exactly know why you've been so mean to me these past couple of months, but it does genuinely hurt my feelings. I used to look up to you, and I don't know where all this is coming from."

Still, Blanco didn't stop. "I know why I made this video because you're a f--kin' loser, Puth," the 33-year-old songwriter and producer replied. "Look at you: You sit in a room all day and make TikToks…Dude, what the hell's wrong with you? Look at your hair. It looks like you've got a toupee or a wig on or something. Get a grip and get a f--king haircut."

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Now, Eilish has entered the chat. Responding to Blanco's aforementioned video with a TikTok of her own, the 20-year-old singer said, "What do you do all day, Benny? The same thing. Literally, the same thing."

After seeing her post this weekend, Puth headed to the comments section to write, "Thank you."

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Puth and Blanco have actually worked together before and did an Instagram Live together in 2020. So while some followers have wondered if they actually have beef, others have questioned if they're both in on the roasts.

"Is the beefing b/w Benny and Charlie actually real??" one commenter asked. Added another, "I legit thought they were friends and he was joking."

One thing is for sure: When it comes to Eilish's response, as a fan put it, "She rly just said 'mic drop.'"