What the Stars of Netflix's Cheer Are Up to Now

Ahead of season two's debut on Jan. 12, we're checking in with the stars of Cheer to see what they are up to now after leaving the mat.

By Tierney Bricker Jan 11, 2022 11:00 AMTags
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We can, we will, we must properly prepare you for Cheer season two.

Break out your pom poms and bust out your best mat talk because Netflix is heading back to Corsicana to once again to follow the Navarro College cheerleading team as they attempt to reclaim their title as National champs, one full-out at a time. 

In the hit docuseries' first season, viewers fell in love with head coach Monica Aldama and team members Morgan Simianer, La'Darius Marshall and more as they trained for Nationals in Daytona. And in its sophomore outing, the competition is fiercer than ever as the show also focuses on Navarro's biggest rival, Trinity Valley Community College, as the two duke it out on the road to the championship. But a pandemic, newfound fame and the alleged crimes of former cast member Jerry Harris prove to make that journey to make it to the mat tougher than ever.

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But not every fan-favorite from the first season was ultimately able to return for another shot at the title, with several retiring from cheerleading after their last chance to compete was dashed by the coronavirus pandemic, which caused the 2020 Nationals to be canceled. Fortunately, Navarro and Trinity Valley were able to face off the following year, with Netflix's cameras were still rolling to capture all the cheer drama.

Ahead of season two, premiering Jan. 12, here's what the stars of Cheer are up to now.

Monica Aldama

Forget Coach Taylor! It's all about Coach Monica, the 14-time collegiate national champion whose tough-love approach won the respect of her loyal cheerleaders, as well as binge-watchers everywhere as she guided the team to a big win at Daytona. 

Of course, Monica stayed at Navarro, ready to lead the 2020 team to her 15th championship, but her plans were derailed by the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in Nationals being canceled less than a month before the event.

"My heart is breaking for the lost memories and the lost time with my beautiful team," wrote in Instagram in March 2020. "I was not ready to say goodbye so quickly. I was not mentally prepared for the team to turn in uniforms, pack their things and leave town."

 When the 2020-21 season kicked off, Monica was pulling double duty as she joined the cast for Dancing With the Stars 29th season, placing in 10th place with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. And on Jan. 4, 2022, she released her first book, Full Out: Lessons in Life and Leadership from America's Favorite Coach.

In September 2019, Monica, who is married with two children (Austin, a football player at Southern Methodist University, and Ally, a cheerleader at Southern Methodist University), was inducted into the Navarro College Athletic Hall of Fame. 

Jeremiah "Jerry" Harris

The heart and soul of the Navarro team and the king of mat talk, Jerry was perhaps the breakout star from Cheer, winning people over with his heartbreaking backstory, positive attitude and perseverance to make the team. After the show premiered, Jerry was signed by an influencer management team, served as a correspondent at the Oscars and counted Oprah Winfrey as one of his biggest fans.

But his Navarro family and his fans were shocked when Jerry was arrested in September 2020 on a federal child pornography charge for allegedly enticing an underage boy to produce sexually explicit videos and photos of himself.

Three months later, federal prosecutors filed seven additional charges of sex crimes allegedly involving five minors, to which he pled not guilty. He has remained behind bars in Chicago since his arrest in September, while his criminal case is pending. If convicted, he could face a sentence of 15 to 30 years.

The second season of Cheer will address the allegations against Jerry. 

Morgan Simianer

Morgan was ready to win her third consecutive championship as a Navarro flyer, making the tough decision to return for yet another semester with her mentor Monica. Unfortunately, she never got the chance to compete again as she graduated in 2020, just after Nationals was canceled. 

"Navarro College Cheer, You are my everything. My heart hurts that I won't cheer again," Morgan wrote on Instagram in March of that year. "I'm so thankful for the bonds I've created and the memories that I'll carry with me forever."

Though she retired from cheerleading, Morgan still supported the team by going to Daytona as a spectator the following year. One of the breakout stars of season one, Morgan has since partnered with Buick and launched her own collection of scrunchies with Conair and Scunci.

Morgan is currently dating Stone Burleson after a brief relationship with Big Brother winner Jackson Michie

La'Darius Marshall

Soon after winning big at Daytona, La'Darius became a world champion when his Cheer Athletics' Wildcats from Plano, Texas, won the Senior Open Large Co-Ed division at Cheer Worlds in April 2019.

While Navarro is a two-year program and La'Darius appeared ready to move on from competitive cheerleading at the end of Cheer, coaching a young team and contemplating going into the military, the Bad Girls Club super-fan had a change of heart, returning for the 2020 season. But he did not compete when Navarro hit the mat at the 2021 Nationals. La'Darius is now working as a coach at Cheer Athletics Pensacola in Florida.

In December 2020, a cryptic Instagram message posted by La'Darius prompted concern from his fans and his teammates. "As I cross over tonight, I hope that you follow all that I have taught you in the past," La'Darius shared in a since-deleted post. "My shackles have fallen. I'm free."

He later clarified the intention behind his words in a follow-up post, which was a slideshow containing multiple images relating to spirituality.

Saying he "didn't mean to scare anyone" and that "no harm" was meant by his words, La'Darius said, "Everyone who knows me, knows that I have been on a spiritual Journey and doing a lot of shadow work with figuring out my souls purpose on this earth. Some people ask me how do I do it which is why I post about it a lot. I know my post may have come as a shock. I am in no pain only a blissful feeling of gratitude."

The lengthy statement continued, "For everyone who has changed me for the better in this life. I started my journey my first year at Navarro and ran a lot from internal trauma. When I said the 'shackles fell off' it was more of a feeling of the restraint certain things had on me in order to elevate into my higher self. When I said 'ascension' people who know about spiritual journey knows it's you moving forward and higher into your purest form of self."

Lexi Brumback

Rejoice, Cheer fans who were devastated to learn that the bleach-blonde star tumbler (and occasional troublemaker) was kicked off the squad at the end of the documentary: Lexi returned to the the team in January 2020, captioning a photo of her back in the Navarro gym, "Honey, I'm home." 

Sadly, Lexi was unable to compete at Nationals after the event was canceled and she ultimately did not return for the 2021 season, though she initially posted on Instagram about her plans to make mat. "Just a few more days till I move back to Corsicana and get to meet everyone of the Navarro cheer team of 2020-2021 :),"  Lexi wrote in August of 2020. "This next year is going to be iconic and I'm so excited." 

Since leaving Navarro, Lexi has started an Instagram account dedicated to art and makeup and started her own merch line, Hexx by Lexx. 

Lexi is dating Dominic Green, referring to him as her "hubby" on her Insta, and is now a model for Rebel Athletics and an ambassador for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty.

Gabi Butler

One of the biggest names in cheerleading, recently taking the cover of Inside Cheerleading magazine solo, Gabi was one of the only main stars from Cheer to initially choose not to return to Navarro for the 2020 season after winning two championships. But Gabi, who has her own popular YouTube channel, ended up coming back to the mat to cheer for Monica and was still on the roster following the pandemic. 

With 1.8 million followers, Gabi is the most-followed cast member on Instagram and has used her platform to launch her own fitness app and athleticwear line, Moxie. Gabi currently cheers for the Weber State Wildcats.

Allie Ross

The talented-but-anxious flyer is back in the Navarro uniform for the 2020 season for her second attempt at a championship, but her plans were derailed by the pandemic as Allie was one of the cheerleaders graduating that year. 

"Didn't think it would ever end like this but I wouldn't trade these people & memories for the world," Allie captioned an Instagram post in April of that year after Nationals was canceled. "Thank you for everything Navarro 2019-2020."

Several months later, Allie updated her followers on her plans, revealing she was would be continuing her cheerleading career at the University of South Carolina. In November of last year, she cheered her final game for the Gamecocks. 

Cheer season two drops Wednesday, Jan. 12 on Netflix.