Watch Terry Bradshaw Try (& Fail) to Harmonize While Rehearsing for a Big Performance

By Allison Crist Jan 04, 2022 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Terry Bradshaw BUTCHERS Singing Rehearsal

Terry Bradshaw may be in over his head on this week's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch.

The NFL Hall of Famer is set to perform live with his daughter, professional singer Rachel Bradshaw, and not just anywhere, but on stage at one of the most iconic concert halls of all time: the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

The duo can be seen rehearsing in this sneak peek clip, but neither Rachel nor her producer Leland seem to be impressed with Terry's vocals.

"Dad, it's just messing with me that you're being goofy," she tells him in a confessional.

However, Terry insists that he's just attempting to calm his nerves. "Everybody has a way of relaxing themselves before a big event!" he says. "I'm just trying to break the tension, that's all."

Rachel is equally nervous, admitting that she may or may not be "s––tting" her pants.

Terry Bradshaw's Girl Dad Moments

The rehearsal continues, but when Rachel and Terry attempt to harmonize, it becomes clear that they have their work cut out for them. 

Regardless, Terry remains chill, announcing, "I probably can wing it enough to get through this."


"That's what I do," he adds after Rachel objects. "I wing. You ever heard 'wingy dingy dingy?'"

Watch the hilarious rehearsal play out for yourself in the above clip.