Kim Kardashian Just Gave a Major Spoiler for Spider-Man: No Way Home & Fans Aren't Happy

By Samantha Bergeson Dec 28, 2021 5:18 PMTags
Watch: Kim Kardashian Faces Twitter WRATH After Spidey Spoiler

With great power comes great not spoil a movie. 

On Dec. 27, Kim Kardashian shared on Instagram Stories her reaction to the many surprises in Spider-Man: No Way Home, including screenshots from the climactic ending. Despite the fact that the movie opened on Dec. 17 with a record $600 million weekend box office, not everyone has had a chance to see the film yet—and now Kim is facing the wrath of MCU fans everywhere.

It's clear that Kim has been Keeping Up with the MCU multi-verse theories! 

"I've muted everything Spider-Man related on all my socials to avoid spoilers since I'm watching it tomorrow….Just for Kim Kardashian to post a whole f–––ing spoiler on her ig," one fan tweeted

Kim quickly deleted her Stories but her many followers had already spotted the Spider-Man surprises. 

"Kim Kardashian has 273,000,000 IG followers & just spoiled tf out of Spider Man in her stories lmaooo," another user wrote

Stars at Spider-Man: No Way Home Premiere

A fellow fan added, "The spiderman movie got spoiled for me by damn Kim Kardashian of all people," while yet another tweeted, "seeing spiderman nwh spoilers on kim k's ig story was not on my christmas list this year but thanks Kimberly."

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While guest appearances in No Way Home have been kept under wraps for months, leave it to Kim to spill all! 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in theaters.

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