Ross Mathews Reveals His Tips for Setting & Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

The "Straight Talk" host shares his NYE-approved "Rosschetta" recipe and how WW helped him changed his relationship with food.

By Emily Spain Dec 28, 2021 1:00 PMTags
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2022 is only a few days away, which means it's time to set those intentions for the year ahead!

Although the concept of constructing resolutions for the new year can be motivating, it can also serve as a reminder of all the things we wanted to accomplish in year's past, but we weren't able to for one reason or another—and Ross Mathews can relate all too well.

"I think resolutions in my past have always been a set-up for failure—I've said so many," the RuPaul's Drag Race judge explained to E!. "Viewers have seen me for 20 years on television, and I always say I could be a weight detective because whenever I've lost it, I've been able to find it again. But this past year and a half has changed everything for me. I'm so proud of how far I've come."

Thanks to WW, formerly Weight Watchers, the comedian has lost 60 pounds and has been able to change his relationship with food; a resolution that is probably on so many of our lists for the new year. But it wasn't until the pandemic hit in 2020 that Ross made the decision to make a change in his life. 

"I have had many failed resolutions throughout the years, but in June of 2020, after recently losing my mom at the end of May, I realized how precious this all is," the podcast host revealed. "It sounds so cheesy, but it was this perfect storm of the pandemic giving us all perspective and then me having a real tragic loss. I realized I want to stick around as long as humanly possible—I'm going to do everything in my part to make sure that I can be here and the one thing I could control was my health."

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If you're a seasoned weight detective or just someone wanting to clean up your diet, getting started is arguably the hardest part. So often, we feel like we have to give up everything to have the body we've always wanted and deprive ourselves of those blissful moments that come with eating delicious foods. But Ross explained to us that changing up your diet doesn't mean eating boring, lackluster foods.

In regards to his own health journey, he told us, "It wasn't about saying goodbye to everything. It wasn't about breaking up with pizza. It was about having a relationship with food. What WW taught me is that I can exist in the real world, I don't have to close the door on everything that I enjoy. It's about learning how to co-exist with things. I want to be able to go to parties and have a cocktail and an appetizer and not be totally thrown off my journey. But what you learn in WW is that screw-ups are part of it, but now you just have the tools to get back on track."

And if you're hosting or attending a New Year's Eve party, the Drew Barrymore Show co-host just released his own "Rossipe" to help you feel good while ringing in the new year. Below, Ross takes you through the steps to serving up his healthy take on bruschetta aptly named "Rosschetta."

If you're drooling like we are after watching that video, here's what you'll need to make Ross' "Rosschetta": Uncooked sweet potato(es), olive oil, table salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, plum tomatoes, uncooked red onions, chives, jalapeño peppers, hot sauce, fresh limes, avocado and cooking spray.

And for anyone who doesn't know how to operate half of the appliances filling your kitchen, Ross shared his favorite cooking essentials to make your journey to becoming an empowered cook a bit easier.

Home Hero 17-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

"I think you need a good knife," Ross explained. "I think all of us have that drawer of knives that like you can barely cut an apple with. Why are we saving those? You don't need those. So, invest in a good knife. That's really changed everything for me. It makes my food look better and it's an easier process. Now I look forward to chopping all my vegetables because it's fun."

Zulay Metal 2-in-1 Lemon Lime Squeezer

"I cook with so much citrus. I love lime and lemons," the Chelsea Lately alum revealed. "I actually have limes and lemon trees here in my yard in Palm Springs, I go and pluck them. So, get a juicer!"

Beautiful 6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer

As Ross mentioned in his "Rosscheta" tutorial, you can use an air fryer to bake your sweet potatoes to perfection. If you don't already have an air fryer, we suggest this one from Drew Barrymore's Beautiful kitchenware line. It has a powerful 1700-watt system and 5-pound food capacity, so you can whip up tasty treats for all of your guests. Plus, how darn cute is the green hue and gold hardware on this air fryer?!

Lastly, for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, but feels overwhelmed by the getting started part, Ross has some great advice!

"You have to prioritize yourself. You'd be surprised how little time it takes to make yourself a priority," the Drew Barrymore Show co-host explained. "If your light came on in your car, you take it in to be looked at. So if there's a light going on for you and your health journey and you know you need to address it, treat yourself with the utmost respect, take the time it needs although it may mean sacrificing in other areas. But if you're not healthy, then you are not being the best version of yourself to the people in your life, to your job and to yourself. That's why they say put the oxygen mask on yourself first."

For more encouraging words from Ross you can check out his podcast "Straight Talk with Ross Mathews," and don't forget to check out the rest of his "Rossipes" on and his Instagram!

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