14 Problem-Solving Cleaning & Organization Products on Amazon You Need to Spring Clean Your Home

From a water bottle organizer to a miracle cleaning paste, we've rounded up some best-selling cleaning and organization products on Amazon that'll make spring cleaning a lot easier.

By Kristine Fellizar Mar 22, 2022 10:00 AMTags
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Who's ready to do some spring cleaning? As much as love having a clean and organized space, we don't always love all the effort it takes to scrub, dust, mop and so on. Fortunately, there are a ton of products on Amazon that can make cleaning and organizing your home a lot easier. Many of these products are pretty affordable and they come highly recommended by Amazon reviewers. 

For instance, if you're constantly having to deal with clogged shower drains due to hair, this $13 drain protector and hair catcher will help with that problem. It has 68,900 five-star reviews and has been called "life changing" by numerous reviewers. If you want to make cleaning your floors a little more enjoyable, these colorful microfiber mop slippers are fun and functional. It's the kind of thing that can get kids excited about cleaning. 

We rounded up some of the best problem-solving cleaning and organization products on Amazon. Check those out below. 

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TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector & Hair Catcher

Dealing with clogged drains due to hair buildup can be really annoying, not to mention kind of gross. Fortunately, the TubShroom is here to help with that. It's a $13 drain protector that promises to "catch every single hair, every single time you shower." According to thousands of Amazon shoppers, it really does the job. In fact, it has over 72,000 five-star reviews.

Color Coral Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner

This fascinating cleaning gel will help you get rid of dust and dirt in hard to reach places like the spaces in between your keyboard or your car vents. It's a best-seller with over 24,500 five-star reviews, and shoppers say it's an excellent cleaning product that works very well. It's also affordable at just $6. 

Indressme XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket

This massive XXXL basket is super versatile can be used for laundry, storage and more. One Amazon reviewer said it's so large, they could fit four quilted blankets and still had a lot of room. The basket looks really cute too, so you don't have to worry about finding places in your closet to hide it. Plus, it has over 24,000 five-star reviews, so you know you're getting a fantastic product. 

Mop Slippers for Floor Cleaning - 10 Pieces

Need a way to make cleaning your floors a little more fun? This pack of 10 colorful microfiber mop slippers may be just the thing you need. These have over 1,600 five-star reviews and one shopper even said they polish the floors better than any handheld mops they've used. 

Voten Storage Cubes Organizers - 3 Pack

This three pack of woven cotton storage bins will keep your space nice and tidy. They come in over 10 colors including full pink, sky blue and gray. 

Spacekeeper Under Sink Organizer

Keep the space under your sink organized with these top-rated under sink organizers. These come in three colors, are easy to install and can be cleaned easily as well. Many Amazon shoppers use these to keep their cleaning supplies organized and they say it does the job. 

Stardrops The Pink Stuff

This "miracle paste" is an all-around cleaner that can tackle even the toughest stains whether it's in your bathroom, kitchen or patio. According to Amazon shoppers, it really is one of the best cleaning products out there. In fact, it has over 77,000 five-star reviews. It's one product you should definitely consider getting in the new year.

Pink Stuff The Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner 

If you prefer to sprays to paste, this "miracle" multi-purpose cleaner is a must-have for your house. Like the above, it's a versatile cleaner that was made to be used on tough stains. It has over 5,000 five-star reviews and one shopper said it made their bathroom look brand new. 

Heavy Duty 5-Tier Pan Organizer

If you've struggled to find the exact pan you need because it's stuck in a pile of other pans, this organizer is a must-have for your kitchen. It's a heavy duty organizer that was made for cast iron skillets, griddles and shallow pots. It has over 11,800 five-star reviews and multiple shoppers say this organizer is really impressive. 

YouCopia UpSpace Water Bottle Organizer

Free up some shelf space with this top-rated organizer with over 7,800 five-star reviews. This adjustable water bottle organizer is easy to set up, can hold up to 20 pounds, and features non-slip feet. You'll wonder why you didn't buy this sooner. 

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set - Colors 

Amazon shoppers can't get enough of the Scrub Daddy sponge set. Many say it's just the thing you need for a real deep clean and it lasts a long time. Plus, one reviewer said it can take the "misery" away from washing dishes. They wrote, "I hate doing dishes. We have a dishwasher but somehow my other half has convinced me to not use it as often (just as he doesn't use it as often). So, I've resorted to using a sponge that smiles at me to put me out of my misery. It's remarkably good, it cleans, it scrubs, it's long-lasting, and yet it just keeps smiling. The other half smirked when he saw it. The sponge has converted his uppity smirk into a smile. That's a huge score."

Quick & Clean Single Cup Brewer Cleaning Cups - 6 Pack

Keep your Keurig or single serve coffee maker fresh with this pack of cleaning cups from Quick & Clean. It works in the same way as making coffee. All you have to do is pop one into the machine and brew one cycle. It has over 20,800 five-star reviews and one Amazon review said it made a big difference in the way their coffee tasted afterwards.

Woolite At Home Dry Cleaner

Save yourself some money and a trip to the dry cleaners with this super convenient at home dry cleaner from Woolite. It's a cloth that works to remove odor, stains and wrinkles. You can get six in a pack for less than $10.

EZlifego Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape

This heavy duty tape can be used for so many things like hanging photos or posters and fixing small objects. It's easy to remove and won't leave any residue or damage the paint on your walls. It's also reusable and you can wash it with water to regain its stickiness. According to one reviewer, "This tape creates a bond that cannot be broken." It's a must-buy product with over 30,700 five-star reviews.

Looking for more great products to shop? Check out these 25 things make spring cleaning so much easier. 

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