Why Messyness Co-Stars Tori Spelling & Snooki Could Never Be Neighbors

By Samantha Bergeson Dec 22, 2021 9:32 PMTags

Dreaming of a white (wine) Christmas? 

Tori Spelling and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi have learned their lesson: No drinking before Santa arrives! 

The co-stars of MTV's Messyness hilariously recalled their most cringey Christmases during E! News' Daily Pop on Dec. 22. 

"It was Christmas Eve last year at our neighbors'. It was a little bit too much wine," Tori dished. "Usually I wrap gifts all night long, and I woke up in the morning and was like, 'Ah, the gifts weren't wrapped!'" 

Similarly, Snooki "definitely got drunk" at a holiday party last year. "I woke up and was like, 'Where am I?' on Christmas Day," the Jersey Shore star admitted. 

This year, though, both Tori and Snooki vow not to be the messiest at their respective Christmas celebrations. 

"I definitely like to drink wine all day but drink water in between to remember to put presents underneath the tree!" Snooki shared. 

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Tori joked, "I feel like my messiest person at the dinner table will be my 4 year-old [Beau]."

And these two moms are also looking forward to special family traditions

"Holiday time is the best time to make ornaments and bake and cook, so I do a lot of that," Tori revealed, while Snooki said that she loves when her kids each open one present on Christmas Eve.  

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Perhaps it's for the best that these two icons live on opposite coasts—together, they would be nonstop trouble during the holidays. 

"I feel like me and Tori especially are the queens of just being messy and owning it," Snooki said of the "girls' night" setup of Messyness. "I feel like we'd be hot messes if we were neighbors." 

"Imagine if we lived next door to each other..." Tori teased. 

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Talk about a fun block party!

Watch the full interview above to hear more about their instant friendship. 

While Messyness was renewed for a season two, season one returns on Monday, December 27 with a week-long special event. Additional episodes of season one of Messyness are set to air this January every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on MTV.