Show Your Capricorn Some Appreciation With These 8 Perfect Gifts

We've rounded up the best gifts to give the down-to-earth Capricorn in your life.

By Kristine Fellizar Dec 22, 2021 12:00 PMTags
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Happy Capricorn season, everyone! If you're a Capricorn yourself, happy birthday! Whether you're shopping for someone in your life or looking to treat yourself to some zodiac-related goodies, we've created a Capricorn gift guide filled with products that are guaranteed to please. 

Capricorn, also known as the zodiac's sea goat, is a down-to-earth and highly practical zodiac sign. They're ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, structure and restrictions, so they're mature, hard-working and very ambitious. 

If you want to gift them something they're going to love, Narayana Montúfar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, suggests finding things that will help level-up their lives. This could be an interesting gadget that makes their lives so much easier or a beautiful piece of jewelry they can wear over and over again. 

"This is a zodiac sign that really values quality over quantity, so they want something that will last the test of time," Narayana told E! News. "Instead of liking 'fun' items, they like things that are useful and well-built." 

From a silk scarf with multiple uses to a gorgeous lipstick in their power shade, these are the best gifts to give the Capricorn in your life.

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Wrist Pop Harding Scarf

Sold By Wristpop

Capricorns love gifts that serve many purposes, so this art silk scarf from Wristpop is a perfect accessory for them. They can wear it on their wrist or turn it into an Apple Watch band. It can also be worn around the neck, used as a hair accessory or tied around a bag to give it a pop of color. 


Heart - Expansive Rose Perfume Oil

M.S Skincare
Sold By M.S Skincare

Capricorns have a tendency to put their career and ambitions before everything else in their lives. Because of this, it's easy for them to lose a sense of connection with the people that matter most to them. This rose and bergamot-scented perfume oil from M.S. Skincare was made to help heal emotions and promote empathy and forgiveness. It even comes with a mantra about unconditional love that was meant to be repeated while this is being applied.

Moda Luxe Harrison in Gray

Moda Luxe
Sold By Moda Luxe

Like their fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo, Capricorns tend to have expensive tastes. At the same time however, they're security-oriented so they can be a bit frugal. They'd appreciate gifts that are well-made and look more expensive than they are. The Harrison satchel from Moda Luxe is the perfect example of that. It's elegant and practical without being flashy. It's exactly what a Capricorn might look for when they're shopping for themselves. 

Moon & Jai Abundance Ritual Kit

Moon & Jai
Sold By Moon & Jai

To Capricorn, their sense of security is very important. They work really hard in order to live comfortably and to make sure they're future is set. This Abundance Ritual Kit from Moon & Jai is perfect for the Capricorn who's into manifestation and crystals. It comes with items that can help them attract abundance and success like white sage, jade, clear quartz and more. 


Sterling Forever Station Constellation Pendant Necklace

Sterling Forever
Sold By Sterling Forever

You can't go wrong with a necklace showing off your zodiac sign. This constellation pendant necklace from Sterling Forever comes in gold and silver. It's classy, subtle and perfect for Capricorn. 

Sterling Forever When Stars Align Constellation Necklace

Sterling Forever
Sold By Sterling Forever

Capricorns love elegant pieces of jewelry they can wear all the time. This version of Sterling Forever's Constellation Necklace is great for the sea goat who likes that extra bit of glam. It comes in silver and gold, and features cubic zirconia stones. 

Besame Cosmetics Chocolate Kiss Lipstick

Bésame Cosmetics
Sold By Bésame Cosmetics

Capricorns exude strength, power and confidence, and that's reflected in the way they dress, do their makeup and carry themselves. They're earth signs, so they tend to gravitate towards brown, orange and beige. You'll also find them wearing rich, sophisticated colors like burgundy. They like to keep their makeup pretty neutral, and this Chocolate Kiss lipstick from Bésame Cosmetics is a great color for them. 


Bearaby Cotton Napper in Gray

Sold By Bearaby

Capricorns take sleep very seriously. After all, if you don't get a good night's rest, how can you expect to tackle the day ahead? This luxe, extra cozy weighted blanket is guaranteed to win you all the points

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