President Joe Biden Introduces New German Shepherd Puppy: Meet Commander

The new presidential pet arrives six months after Joe Biden and his family mourned the loss of their German shepherd, Champ.

By Mike Vulpo Dec 21, 2021 12:44 AMTags

There's a new four-legged friend entering the White House.

On Monday, Dec. 20, President Joe Biden revealed on social media that he is adding a German shepherd puppy to his family.

"Meet the newest Biden," he wrote on Twitter with video of his new dog, Commander, enjoying the sights, sounds and grass of Washington D.C.

In the announcement, Biden shared footage of Commander playing fetch, enjoying Christmas decorations and spending time with his other owner, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Based on Commander's wagging tail and ability to sit on command, all signs point to a very good boy.

Back in June, the Bidens mourned the death of their German shepherd, Champ, at the age of 13.

"Our hearts are heavy today as we let you all know that our beloved German Shepherd, Champ, passed away peacefully at home," the Bidens said in a statement. "He was our constant, cherished companion during the last 13 years and was adored by the entire Biden family."

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The statement continued, "Even as Champ's strength waned in his last months, when we came into a room, he would immediately pull himself up, his tail always wagging, and nuzzle us for an ear scratch or a belly rub. Wherever we were, he wanted to be, and everything was instantly better when he was next to us. He loved nothing more than curling up at our feet in front of a fire at the end of the day, joining us as a comforting presence in meetings, or sunning himself in the White House garden."

The Bidens welcomed Champ into their home from a Pennsylvania breeder when the dog was three months old. 

In March, President Biden's other German shepherd, a 3-year-old rescue named Major, nipped a Secret Service agent's hand. A secret service official would later describe it as an "extremely minor" incident to NBC News

Major was later sent to live at the family's home in Delaware where he received training. The dog ultimately returned to the White House later in the month.

Major, who was adopted in 2018, became the first rescue dog to live in the White House. The family fostered him from the Delaware Humane Association.

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