How Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Are Protecting Their Kids From Social Media

In a recent interview, Penélope Cruz shared why her children won't be allowed to use social media until they're older.

By Elyse Dupre Dec 20, 2021 5:54 PMTags
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There's a reason you don't see Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem's kids on social media.

The actress—who shares 10-year-old son Leo and 8-year-old daughter Lena with the actor—gave her take on the platforms during the Dec. 19 episode of CBS Sunday Morning.

"I have a strange relationship with social media where I use very little of it in a very careful way," Cruz, who has 5.8 million followers on Instagram, explained to correspondent Holly Williams. "There is something that is not making sense, and it is especially affecting younger generations. I feel really bad for the ones that are teenagers now. It's almost like if the world was doing some kind of experiment on them. 'Oh, let's see what happens if you expose a 12-year-old to that much technology.' The lack of protection that it is for a 12-year-old to be involved in social media, any form of social media, there's no protection for them, for their brains that are still developing, and how that affects the way they see themselves, everything, like, related to bullying. So many things that are not the childhood that we had."

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Cruz, 47, said that her kids aren't allowed to use social media. "I'm very tough with technology, for example, with my kids," she continued. "It's like, yeah, we're going to watch movies sometimes or some cartoons. How can I not let them watch movies? That has been, like, some incredible moments of happiness since I was a little girl. But not phones until they are much older and no social media until at least 16. I really see that that is, like, protecting mental health, but I seem to be part of a minority. I don't know."

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This isn't the first time the Oscar winner has shared her thoughts on the subject. During a 2017 interview with The Telegraph, Cruz revealed, "You will never see a picture of my kids on Instagram." 

"I will never do that. I feel like I am responsible to protect that privacy," she added. "I might post a picture with a friend, or a picture with photographers Mert & Marcus here and there, or my best friend who's also an actress [Salma Hayek]. But there is always a line."

In addition to talking to CBS about her thoughts on social media, Cruz spoke about her career, her life in Spain and acting with her husband and fellow Oscar winner Bardem, 52. The couple have starred alongside each other in several movies, including Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Loving Pablo and Everybody Knows.

"Naturally, like, we don't look for projects to do constantly," she said. "And in a way, it would be more comfortable and easier for schedules but, no, I think it's a way to also protect, you know, the relationship, not to be working all the time together."

But would they ever make another film together? "Once in a while, and he feels the same way," Cruz replied. "Once every four or five years is OK for us."