The Bradshaw Bunch's Rachel Bradshaw Just Released Her Debut Album

By Allison Crist Jan 07, 2022 9:11 PMTags
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The Bradshaw Bunch's very own Rachel Bradshaw just released an album!

Her debut self-titled EP dropped on Friday, Jan. 7 and features six songs written solely by Rachel, in addition to a collaboration with Grammy-nominated country star Jamey Johnson on a cover of Townes Van Zandt's "If I Needed You." A music video for the song will also be released this month.

The inspiration for the music—which dives into all aspects of love and relationships—came to the singer-songwriter during the first few months of quarantine, which she spent with her dad Terry Bradshaw and the rest of her family.

"This record holds a very special place in my heart," Rachel said. "It's the first compilation of music I have written all by myself, so to release it into the world is me sharing a big piece of my heart and soul. I also included a duet with the legend himself and a longtime friend of mine, Jamey Johnson, on a song I have always dreamt of covering."

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Rachel continued, "I cannot wait for people to hear this! We put so much time and love into making this music sound the way it does and creating a special vibe. I hope when people listen, they can smile, cry, feel hope, and go into a magical place where time just stops, just as I did when we were creating it."   

Much of Rachel's musical journey has been documented on The Bradshaw Bunch, which she was initially hesitant to join as she was still healing from the tragic death of her husband Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas. However, over the course of the E! series' first season, Rachel went from being adamant to abandon the singing career she had been pursuing for years to performing on stage, writing songs and sharing them with her family.

Today, Rachel sees the E! series as "God's way of saying, 'Hey, this is what you are meant to do.'"

"You are a singer and you can write music," she explained earlier this year. "You also can finally really fall in love because you know who you are and you can have a camera in your face and talk about the deepest darkest things in the world and help other people. And it's like, 'Woah.' I did not know this was ever gonna be a possibility for me."

Terry has been his daughter's biggest cheerleader from the beginning, and the pair even shared an emotional moment on a recent episode of The Bradshaw Bunch as they listened to Rachel's song "Wild Horse," which is indeed on her new album, along with "Aphrodite," which she performed on season one. 

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The EP also features "Smoke & Mirrors," "Jack of All Trades," and "Dear," along with the aforementioned duet "If I Needed You," featuring Jamey Johnson.

Rachel Bradshaw is out now.