What Porsha Williams' Sister Lauren Really Thinks of Simon Guobadia Engagement

Lauren Williams weighs in sister on Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia's relationship and super quick engagement. Plus, she teases major drama ahead on Porsha's Family Matters.

By Brett Malec Dec 14, 2021 7:31 PMTags

Sisterly support.

Porsha Williams is letting fans into her whirlwind romance with fiancé Simon Guobadia on her Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff Porsha's Family Matters. And while some fans (and even some of Porsha's family members) were surprised by the couple's super speedy engagement, Porsha's sister and Bravo co-star Lauren Williams never doubted their love for each other.

"Love is love," Lauren told E! News exclusively. "At the time, like Porsha says with the information she had at the time, she made her decision and again I trust her...I trust Porsha. I trust her to make her life decisions and to continue to create an amazing life for herself as she has from the ground up."

Lauren continued, "I was the first person to spend time with Porsha and Simon. I don't know that everyone [in the family] was questioning it, I think we were questioning what we were seeing online and everyone else's response to it. As a family, I trust Porsha, you know what I mean? I've always said this, I know it seems like I'm the reasonable one sometimes on Housewives, but she's six years older than me and she's taught me everything I know. So I trust her judgement a lot of the time."

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"I think most of the people that were judging her were people that don't know her and don't know how smart she is and how caring and compassionate she is."

As for what makes Simon and Porsha's relationship work, Lauren gushed, "I do think that him being older helps, he's very calming so when she's hyped up or scared about something, having a little bit of anxiety, he is a calming spirit. So I can definitely see that being a big part of their relationship."

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However, Lauren admits she's "not involved" in the wedding planning. "I know nothing about the wedding," she laughed. "I'm like just tell me what dress to wear."

As for what's still to come on Porsha's Family Matters as the blended family continues their retreat in Mexico, Lauren promises "ups and down" and "some actual healing is going to get done."

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So what leads to the explosive fight teased in the Porsha's Family Matters trailer?

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"Opening up. We were opening up wounds," Lauren shared. "We were talking about things that were swept under the rug and when you do that, sometimes you have a purge.'

She added, "We've all seen the ayahuasca videos, you go in for the deep healing and you get a purge before you get the healing. I've been told that's what's necessary a lot of the time."

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