Miranda Cosgrove Tells E! News She Relates to Jennette McCurdy’s Decision to Quit Acting

Though she's worked nonstop in TV and film, Miranda Cosgrove tells E! News she understands iCarly co-star Jennette McCurdy's decision to quit acting "100 percent."

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Miranda Cosgrove has worked for most of her 28 years—so she understands why her former co-star threw in the towel

iCarly's Jennette McCurdy made headlines earlier this year when she announced that she would not be joining the Nickelodeon series for the reboot. Miranda (Carly Shea), who has teamed up with HP's Girls Save the World to empower young women to create change with environmental advocacy, recently told E! News that she "understands" Jennette's decision to quit acting

"I do think for sure that being in acting at a young age isn't easy," Miranda explained. "I mean, having an adult's job when you're a child is a hard thing to do. I totally understand her perspective 100 percent."

Though she understands Jennette's decision not to join the reboot, Miranda says that iCarly is a "different show without the Sam character" and "they miss her." 

And if Jennette ever changed her mind about reviving her character? Miranda would welcome her onto the show with open arms. "If she ever wanted to come back, of course, the door would always be open," the actress said. "But I think that she's doing a lot of really cool stuff that she wants to be doing."

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Even though we won't get to see Sam and her butter sock on the reboot, Miranda teased what she thinks Jennette's character would be up to.

"People always comment and say that if her character was on this show, they'd have to just like bleep out everything all the time because her character was always so wild, even on the kid's version of the show," Miranda explained with a laugh. "So it probably would have been really fun to see just the crazy stuff that her character would do now."

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The actress also revealed what she would be doing if she didn't become and actress. "If I were to give up acting, I'd probably want to be a vet," the actress explained "I'm at the vet a lot, because I have so many animals, so I feel like I've learned a lot just from always being there."

"When I was really little, I always wanted to be a vet before I wanted to be an actress," Miranda explained "I'd go around the neighborhood at my parent's house and actually steal people's cats and take them to my tree house and pretend that I was a vet."

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Though we miss seeing Jennette and Miranda on screen together, we can rest easy knowing the pair will "always be friends." 

Season two of iCarly is set to premiere in 2022 on Paramount+. 

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