Why Selling Sunset's Maya Vander Won't Be a Full-Time Cast Member If Show Returns for Season 6

Maya Vander spoke to the Domenick Nati show about the future of the Netflix's Selling Sunset and whether she's going to stay with the show.

By Cydney Contreras Dec 09, 2021 9:31 PMTags

Maya Vander is one busy woman.

The Selling Sunset star joined the Domenick Nati Show on Tuesday, Dec. 7 to discuss the Netflix reality series. As most fans know, the show was renewed for two more seasons, with the cast currently filming season five.

At this time, it's unclear if the cast will reunite for a sixth, but Maya can say one thing for sure: She won't be filming full-time if it's renewed again.

"I'm probably not going to be a full-time cast member because it's going to be difficult for me logistically to do the back-and-forth again, especially with a third child," the realtor explained. "Realistically speaking, I'm probably going to stay more focused on Miami, my family and my business here, if we get renewed for another season."

Maya and her husband, whom she hasn't named, are parents to Aiden, 2, and Elle, 1. Baby No. 3 is due any day now, according to the mom's Nov. 9 Instagram post.

As for Maya's impression of the most recent season, she said that she's learned "a reality show can get easily manipulated and edited." 

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According to Maya, she noticed that some of her own quotes were not entirely accurate. "I did notice some stuff that I did not say. Somehow the words, if they don't show your face but they put words together, they can create a sentence and make it look like I said something," she remarked, "which is pretty clever and interesting to watch." 

Lindy Lin / Netflix

But the star isn't exactly surprised by the way the show was edited, saying, "It is part of being in a reality show. You take the chance and you are at the mercy of the producers at the end of the day, and the editing."

As she put it, "It is what it is."

Christine Quinn has repeatedly said that Selling Sunset may be a reality show, but everyone is faking it in one way or another. She told Live from E! host Laverne Cox that she's enjoyed being the bad guy on the show, remarking, "I live for it. I love being the villain and I wouldn't have it any other way."


One thing that Christine didn't fake? Her pregnancy.

Fans accused the new mom of hiring a surrogate after she seemingly bounced back from an emergency c-section within a matter of days. Another scene in which Christine does a headstand in yoga raised questions, too.

But as Christine said in a tweet, "K y'all are beyond f--king sick."

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