Jeff Goldblum Alive and Well

Rep adamantly refutes Internet rumors that the Law & Order: Criminal Intent star had died

By Natalie Finn Jun 25, 2009 10:30 PMTags
Jeff Goldblum, Law & Order: Criminal IntentNBC

There's nothing really newsworthy about not being dead.

But as the world was busy reacting to news of Michael Jackson's sudden passing, someone in the blogosphere thought it would be a good idea to feed the beast and say that Jeff Goldblum had died.

Various websites cited an erroneous report coming out of New Zealand that the 56-year-old actor had plunged to his death in a fall on the set of his next movie.

"Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles," publicist Lisa Kasteler said.

New Zealand police are saying that there appears to be false information circulating. In fact, they haven't even heard anything about Goldblum shooting a film in their country.

So, Goldblum is doing well, and we're glad—and not only because Law & Order: Criminal Intent is better than ever these days!