Twentysomethings: Austin Cast Is Ready to Find Love in Heartwarming New Trailer

The cast members of Twentysomethings: Austin, premiering Dec. 10, is ready to say "goodbye" to their comfort zone and "hello" to love. Watch the sweet trailer here.

By Jillian Fabiano Dec 08, 2021 6:00 PMTags
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Austin, Texas, has a batch of eight singles that are ready to mingle!

In an E! exclusive trailer, the Twentysomethings: Austin cast experiences the highs and lows of finding love in the "new normal" of the pandemic, from the first kiss to the first d––k pic. The group shares a house in Austin as they try to get their social life back. (Think wholesome Real World!)

"I'm about to be put in a house with seven other people that I've never met before," says 23-year-old Kamari in the clip.

Isa, a fashion designer from Irvine, Calif., adds, "My 20s were definitely put on hold this past year, so I'm moving to Austin and making up for lost time."

We get to know the group as everyone moves and settles into the new home: Natalie tells the cast that she has "very strict parents and has "never had a boyfriend," Keauno says "he's never even kissed a guy," and Abbey shares that she is "recently divorced." 

"The sexual tension is palpable," Natalie says in the clip, which is filled with make-out scenes, pool parties, and, in classic Austin style, some bull-riding.

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And from the looks of this clip, things are heating up and fast.

"It was my first d--k pic," Natalie tells Bruce, a 23-year-old from Greenville, S.C.

"Really? You should frame it," Bruce responds.

The reality series, produced by Eureka Productions and executive produced by Chris Culvenor and Paul Franklin, will be released in two parts with six episodes released in Part 1 on Dec. 10 and six episodes in Part 2 available Dec. 17.

As the group "cheers to new beginnings," scroll through to meet the cast ahead of the Dec. 10 premiere of Twentysomethings: Austin on Netflix.



Age: 25

Hometown: Houston, TX 

Occupation: Unemployed

Abbey is ready for a major shake up. When she was 20, she married her high-school sweetheart, and at 25, she's just coming out of a divorce..and exploring her bisexuality. She doesn't want anything serious, but has a hard time not catching feelings when she likes someone. She has no idea who she is or what she wants to do with her life, but she knows she's ready to shed the "handcuffs" of her marriage and conservative upbringing and get into some trouble in Austin!


Age: 25

Hometown: Eatonville, FL

Occupation: IT Tech

Raquel is driven, motivated, and one of few black women who works in IT. She wants to immerse herself in the thriving tech scene in Austin in hopes to make connections to grow the success of the startup she works for. She loves old-fashioneds, playing the stock market and roller skating, but you'll never catch her barefoot unless she's in the pool - she has a phobia of her uncovered feet touching the ground!


Age: 23

Hometown: Greenville, SC 

Occupation: Sales for Dad's Insurance Company

Bruce's winning smile makes hearts melt. He loves baseball and dreams of a career working with a professional sports team. It's always a party when Bruce is around - he lives by the motto "LET'S GOOO!" Bruce is hoping to find the girl of his dreams in Austin and start a serious relationship. He's a good corn-fed, responsible guy who respects women and loves ice cream...maybe a little too much.


Age: 26

Hometown: Miami, FL

Occupation: Unemployed

Natalie has never had a boyfriend. She grew up in a strict Latin household with cameras inside the house monitoring her every move, and her dad wouldn't even allow her to hug boys unless she covered her chest! She is boldly extroverted yet adorably charming, and is making it her mission to do whatever it takes to get herself boo'd up in Austin, one awkward first date at a time!


Age: 23

Hometown: North Carolina

Occupation: Model

Kamari has many passions. While currently making money as a male model, he's got several entrepreneurial ideas in the works but can't seem to focus on any of them! He loves Southern accents and hopes to find a fiery Texan woman to settle down with...eventually. For the next few months in Austin, he wants to play the field, hit the gym, and manifest his destiny...whatever it may be.


Age: 28

Hometown: Fayetteville, AR 

Occupation: Coordinator for Residence Education 

Keauno is like a puppy everyone immediately falls in love with - but he's never been kissed! He is a second-generation American and the first in his family to graduate from college. At age 25, Keauno came out as gay after struggling to accept himself his whole life due to his conservative surroundings and Catholic upbringing. Keauno is leaving Arkansas behind as he hopes to find his 'gay sensei' in the very LGBTQ+-friendly community in Austin, and maybe a boyfriend to boot!


Age: 24

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Occupation: Fashion Designer 

One might never peg Isha, a self-proclaimed 'educated ditz' who until recently thought Miami was in Maine rather than Florida ("they both start with 'M's!"), as a graduate of UC Berkeley's economics program. Isha is clumsy, gullible, and forgetful, but she knows it, and owns it. After struggling with depression, she realized she needed to follow her passion, and started designing clothes. She now dreams of launching her fashion line, Hut Mentality, and getting her artisanal pieces picked up by a retail boutique in Austin.  


Age: 23

Hometown: Austin, TX

Occupation: Aspiring Stand-Up Comedian 

Michael recently chucked life in LA and moved to Austin to pursue stand-up comedy…with absolutely zero training or experience. Unafraid to bomb night after night, he's chasing this dream wherever it takes him, even if it's to a place of failure and being forced to give it up and make a change. Michael desperately wants to find a girlfriend. He's attracted to ‘weirdos,' which makes Austin the perfect place to pursue his goals!

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